How Are You Going to Live in 2013?

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It’s a new year and there may have been two questions that you’ve been thinking about lately: How was my life in 2012? I wonder what’s in store for me in 2013? Irregardless of whether you succeeded, failed, loved, hated, fell on hard times, persevered, or anything else, there is ONE thing that matters. In the words of the apostle Paul:

This Video Will Have You Thanking Jesus For Changing Your Life [guaranteed]

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Ahh, the power of the cross 😀 . It’s changed your life, it’s changed mine. Can words really express the change that God has made in our lives? Maybe a video can do it better and I think this one does a FANTASTIC job. We were dirty rotten sinners, in need of a Savior, and now we are trophies of …

Your Christian Walk is Not a Sprint or a Marathon, It’s This

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I came across this video today and I thought you’d enjoy it. You may have heard many preachers say that your Christian walk isn’t a sprint but that it’s more like a marathon. Well, Kirk Franklin doesn’t see it that way.  He thinks your walk as a Christian is more like a relay race and in this video he explains …