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iDisciple App Review and Giveaway [video]

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Family Christian released their iDisciple app late last year to bring you the best Christian articles, videos, and audio messages in a single app on your iPhone, iPad, and Android.

When you think about it, the idea of going to just one place to be able to read, watch, and listen to Christian media is a huge undertaking.

There have been ministries that have done this online through websites, like, but this is the first time (at least to my knowledge) that anyone has attempted to do this in an app for your phone or tablet.

It can get particularly tricky because you have to consider that Christians have different maturity levels, they like to watch different speakers, and they have different views on various Christian topics.

So is the iDisciple app able to pull off its mission of being your one-stop place for Christian media on your mobile device?

Watch my review of the app and then enter below to win a lifetime premium subscription to iDisciple.

iDisciple pricingThe app itself is free and there is a free plan which will give you access to some great content.

But if you want ALL the media content that’s available from the app, you’ll want to consider paying the $4.99 a month subscription.

By the way, I took a snapshot of an email that I received from Family Christian which said that 100% of all the proceeds from paid subscriptions are donated to Christian charities.

You may want to expand the video and watch it in full screen so you can see all the details.



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iDisciple app review

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