Are you aware of the eternal consequences of your life?

Are You Aware of the Eternal Consequences of Your Life?

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There used to be a time in my life when I wanted to be a millionaire.

My goal in life was to have $20 million in my bank account by the time I was 40 years old.

When I was 26, I started working towards creating my own business so I can make my dream of becoming a millionaire come true.

Fortunately for me, my plans never came to fruition.

God stopped me in my tracks, and I ended up rededicating my life to Him.

My story of me wanting to be well-off financially is something that I think many people struggle with.

Even if they don’t have a lofty financial goal, there are many distractions that can cause us to be distracted from God.

Many of us want to be comfortable in life by having a nice home, a nice car, and a nice job.

None of us want to have to worry about money.

But there’s a problem with this kind of living.

When you don’t make God the number one priority in your life, then something else takes His place.

Don't submit to the flesh when you can surrender to the Holy Spirit instead

It could be money, it could be a relationship, or it could even be a hobby.

Pastor Francis Chan says that when you don’t live with eternity in mind, then there are going to be eternal consequences.

My friends over at YesHeIs created this two-minute video that will inspire you to think twice about where you are heading.

Even if you’re happy with where you are going, you’re still going to want to watch this video.

I’ve watched it three times already.

Click the button below to check it out.

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Your life on earth is preparation for your life in heaven

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      Thanks so much Greg, coming from you, that means a lot 🙂

      You know, as I was writing this blog post, you came to my mind a number of times. You strike me as the kind of person that lives life with eternity in mind.

      Now that I’ve come to know you, I know how much you love the Lord and want to do your best for Him. That is something that is so admirable <3

    1. Post

      Of course Deb, I would love to pray for you 🙂

      Lord, I pray for my dear sister. Please guide her and lead her in the decision that she has to make. I know that she has gone through many changes in her life. Please God, encourage her, strengthen her faith, and help her to do Your will… in Jesus name…Amen!

  1. “Time is short, eternity is not.” Very true statement. What we do today sets the table for eternity. Don’t waste your life.

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