did God show this man the judgement day?

Urgent Warning! Did God Show This Man The Judgment Day?

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Last week, I shared with you a video about a woman who had a near-death experience.

She died, went to heaven, heard God’s voice, and then came back with an entirely different perspective on life.

To say that the reaction to the video was fascinating would be an understatement.

People were divided about the video, and they made arguments on both sides.

If you missed the video and would like to check out people’s comments, then click here to check out last week’s blog post.

This week, I’m sharing with you a different video about a man who had an out of body experience.

This man claims that his out-of-body experience (and or dream) that God gave him is about the Judgement Day.

Is his claim true?

Here, watch this video, and judge for yourself.

So what do you think?

Are some dreams and out-of-body experiences truly from God?

Or is it just the brain in all of its wonder being vividly imaginative?



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did God show this man the judgement day?

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  1. This young man said he had spent the previous day watching You tube videos about crazy out of body experiences. He admitted they disturbed him. The next day he has a wacky dream. This happens all the time to many people. Just a dream folks. Move along, nothing to see here. I wonder if this kid was paid for this video?

    BTW, I am a Christian, I believe that one day I will be with my Lord. But God also warned us about this sort of thing. Remember His words…… “Of that day knows no man”.

    Feeling a bit foolish that I spent 15 minutes of my day watching this…

    God Bless.

      1. but you never know it could be real god speaks to man in different ways…. i understand the part that it didnt come exactly out of gods mouth but at least it gives us time to think about gettig ready for gods judgement ps not waste of time but a preparation…….

  2. Everything he said is right like pin-point right. I am shocked that he even mentioned about the size change. Not many people knows that humans are originally bigger than what our size are today. The original size of us or our true glorified forms can only be restored once we’re sent to heaven. The size of the first human which is Adam. Is said to be as big as a mountain and as humans progresses on earth, civilization after civilization. We started to shrunk for some reason.

    It’s astounding at how detailed his dream was. I have to say. I hope this man continue his life as a good man as he is today.

    1. Safuan, may please ask you if you have any links to articles that we can read about the the bigger size of the original humans? I’d be interested in the resources that you recommend.


    2. I hope you caught the last part of the video, Safuan. It’s not actually “being a good man” which will qualify us to be in heaven. We must believe in the one who ransomed our souls from sin, Jesus Christ.

  3. Forgive? Because of the pain of hell? Fear God? I gave up on god today…too much pain and not enough answers. God is love? Try having a special needs son born with a genetic disorder. My ‘prayers’ are threats to god. I want the pain and despair to stop. I want an answer from the all loving all powerful creator of the universe. Heaven ? Hell? Forgive? I can’t forgive God.
    If he’s real and what this video says is true … I’m going to hell, God has never answered not even one of my prayers. I would never treat my son the way God treats me. The God of love and forgiveness sending thousands to hell for eternity… God is the most ironic hypocrite ever conceived in mans imagination.

    1. It sounds to me, Tom, like you are in an awful lot of pain. I’m so sorry to hear about the pain that you’re experiencing. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be in your shoes. How old is your son, if I may ask?

    2. Tom, I am praying for you and your family.
      My heart goes out to you and to the many families in your position. The suffering that you bear is beyond comprehension.
      My prayer is that you will receive help in an amazing way, and that you will experience a miracle that only God can accomplish.
      Though we hate or deny Him, God is not offended or dismayed. He came. He lived. He loved, He healed, and He never dismissed any plea. He is alive. He hears. He sees.
      My experience with judgement came quietly in my kitchen at 4AM. It was very different from the young man’s dream.
      Each one of us is unique, and valuable, and we relate to our Father in very different ways. A sermon, a message, a video is not for all people.
      God’s heart is broken for you, His son. I pray for moments of stillness for you and quietness, and help.

    3. Tom Obrecht,
      I can understand where you are coming from. But may I ask, “Try having a special needs son born with a genetic disorder. My ‘prayers’ are threats to god. I want the pain and despair to stop. I want an answer from the all loving all powerful creator of the universe.” is talking about how you still believe there is a God. Therefore, you did say you want an answer from the “all loving all powerful creator of the universe.” For one, he can’t give you an answer if he doesn’t exist. However, I am here to tell you, sometimes God doesn’t answer in ways we want.
      I also would like to tell you blaming God for evil is illogical. Let me explain. What God created was “good.” Otherwise known as perfect. So anything less than perfect God could not have made. Imagine it to a hole in a shirt. The hole isn’t something, therefore no one made it, however, it is the lack of something, in this case the mending of the fabric in the shirt. To tie loose ends, imperfection is evil, and evil is the lack of perfection, therefore, could not have been made by God.
      I give my regards to you son. No one should ever have to go through that. However, I would like to say that to blame God for this, is illogical. Therefore, God cannot make something imperfect, for he is perfect. The lack of perfection is not from him. I hope this helps.

      1. Sorry, Von, but your explanation is illogical. No one made a hole in a shirt, therefore it doesn’t exist? God didn’t make evil, therefore evil doesn’t exist? What about John 1:3 that declares “Allthings were made by him, and without him nothing was made that was made.”? Daisy, you said that every good thing that happens to Tom is a sign of God’s love for him…what about the bad things? Are they a sign God doesn’t love him? Why do so many people give God credit when good things happen, but refuse to blame him for bad? They toss out “Romans 8:28!” as if a verse magically transforms desperate pain and just loving God will make it all better. I much prefer:

        “Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out.”

        I mentioned it in a Twitter convo and was told it’s a quote from a Christian, John Wooden (?), by a Christian who “happened” to have it on a wall in her home–God at work, or a fun coincidence? YOU decide! Here’s another fun one: when I first deconverted, a tweep in NORWAY posted a pic of a t-shirt with a cartoon Darth Vader saying “Come to the dark side–we have cookies!” My son has the SAME shirt!

        Best wishes to all of you. Seek support from people as needed, and wise counsel and medical treatment as necessary when things go wrong. If you or someone you know needs help, pray if you want, but be prepared to take action too. Remember that verses are NOT evidence or proof, no matter how open our hearts are to believing.

        1. Hi Sarah,

          I’m chipping in because you asked me to clarify something I said. There’s a lot to learn about God outside of a comment on a blog, there’s just too much to talk about when it comes to discussing his existence and it requires talking in person to someone who loves and has personal (& scriptural) knowledge of him. But even without this, it mainly requires an open heart — some brokenness with humility. Having said that, he works in mysterious ways so I’ll leave it to him to minister to your heart while you read what I have to say.

          Daisy, you said that every good thing that happens to Tom is a sign of God’s love for him…what about the bad things? Are they a sign God doesn’t love him?

          Bad things are not a sign of lack of God’s love because they don’t originate from him. The logical question to ask is that if God created everything, did he also created evil? Yes, God created everything but he also created free will, the result of which was fallen angels and disobedient humans. Sin introduced imperfection into our world. Evil in a world created by a good God doesn’t make sense to anyone if they don’t accept the fact that there are evil forces at play; it is a reality that points to the imperfection in our world. No one has to prove the reality of addictions, broken homes, illness etc The question we ask is, why does God permit it? Why not change it for the better? In the little scope of our lifetime, how can we tell that he is not doing so? We work sometimes with the limited knowledge of the bigger picture and decide to make sense of things on our own. Until you understand the way he works, it would be so difficult to accept it. I’m speaking from experience, we are all limited in fully comprehending his mind but his Word gives us a glimpse. This is why I mentioned that his Word opens our heart to the truth. Knowing of God is different to loving and serving him. Satan knows of him but detests him. We have to be careful to not act like we know him when in fact we just “know of” him. Equally, we should be careful not to place our trust in other people because there is a void we all have that only God can fill.

          Think for a moment how difficult it is for people who have it worse off than you but still serve him. Why would they? They have the right to toss their circumstances in his face and write him off. Yet, deep in their horrible circumstances, his love gets them through it all. Finally, let’s not forget that Jesus also suffered. Did the Father not love the Son? When we call ourselves followers of Christ, we imitate him. We suffer for his cause and it brings him glory and spreads his kingdom of justice, love and peace. Choose your pick: suffer on your own, open the doors for the enemy of your soul to take you for a ride or suffer for God and allow him to reward your loyalty.

          Thing with the dark side is that, cookies aren’t enough. Eternity sounds better 😉

    4. Tom my sister and father both have a genetic disorder they where born with. I spent many of days in Shriners Hospital of Lexington, Kentucky. I seen the most disfigured children when I was only six years old. But I also seen something else. I seen the sorrow in my parents face that was so intense as they was beside my sisters bed, that I knew they loved me and it was the truth. When a 6 year old boy can rationalize love by the sorrow in his parents faces because of a siblings pain only God can do that. But most importantly, I was in a waiting room playing with a little girl that had the body of an ape. She smiled at me and I instantly realized all I had to be in life was half as strong as her. All I wanted to ever do in my life is tell her parents that she gave me the most important gift I ever received by another human being. Every time I felt like giving up and lost all hope. Her smile lifted me up. Without her one smile I would not be typing this message. So the next time you think your child has not much value or your suffering has no meaning, just remember that good comes from bad too. I pray you find peace. And your son is my hero. I don’t know him personally but I know his spirit. And to me his spirit is life and your suffering is proof that love is real. I pray this message finds you.

      1. When a 6 year old boy can rationalize love by the sorrow in his parents faces because of a siblings pain only God can do that.

        That’s deep and so true, thanks for sharing your testimony.

  4. If you place your trust in Jesus Christ as the ransom for your sins, you will be welcomed with open arms because the righteousness of Christ has been imputed to all believers. No one is good enough to to get into heaven outside of faith in Jesus. There is noting biblical in this young man’s story.

  5. I’m sorry you feel this way I wish I could say something that would make things better , but I couldn’t ignore this , I believe God chose you to be the caregiver of his child there is always the bigger plan and yes there is evil in this world and I to question some things I put my trust in him even though I don’t understand . Do you think that there is anybody in this world that could possibly love and care for this child as much as you ? God chose you . I praying for you.

    1. I also understand what you’re saying, B. I have a nephew from my wife’s side who has Down Syndrome. He is 22 years old. He is a tremendous blessing to our family.

      I know that it’s extremely hard for his parents to take care of him. But with God’s help, they’ve been doing it for 22 years. Oh for sure, they’ve seen some hard times. But God is the One who has worked all things together for their good, and for my nephew’s good too 🙂

  6. Hey there friends, my walk with Christ is open minded to anything that may be the holy Spirit at work. Sometimes while using that ” open mind” I need to remember that wisdom of this world is foolishness to God and the wisdom of God is foolishness to this world. That being said, I do agree with the comment that salvation is in Christ’s redeeming work alone, not by works lest man could boast. I work with recovering addicts and mentally ill street folk. I myself am a recovering addict and a sinful man. ( Exactly the same as all) . Romans 3:23 I should also mention that I have a long history in the church before my substance abuse,a worship leader and a small group leader. So…I would like to address this fellows dream depicting God condemning a woman to hell for the act of displaying something on Facebook that was spread to thousands of souls. In my opinion is this not the same thing? Teaching thousands of people who watched this, people such as those I work with struggling through their new found faith in our glorious savior, that because of this man’s “vision from God” we may need to start planning our future hellfire permanent vacation. This clearly deviates from far too much canonized scripture to even began the discussion on media. Have a good day, I’ll pray for this fellow.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Dennis. I do appreciate your candor and you being so upfront about your thoughts.

      The reason why I shared this video is to spark a discussion. When I showed this video to several people, I got both sides of the coin.

      For me, I like to give a listening ear to my Christian brothers and sisters and to hear what they have to say about different topics.

      God bless you my dear brother 🙂

  7. People are taking this too literally. I watched it and realized I need to forgive some people and ask for forgiveness of all my sin, be specific in my confessions on a daily basis, and not just the “big” sins. This video will change the way I live my daily life.

  8. Hi
    I cannot speak for the pain you experience with your situation but I can point to someone who experienced the loss of a baby and turned her back on God because she experienced some of the dissapointment you have faced. Her name is Betty Brennan and her experience can be found here:


    I can attest to God’s love for you and your son. The truth is that the world is very imperfect and there is a battle between good and evil. Our lives are much more complicated than what we see. God loves unconditionally but a broken heart needs to be humbled to experience that love in its pure form. The fact that you woke up today is a testament of his love for you. Every good thing that happens to you, likewise.

    1. Post
  9. I find in this nothing remotely scriptural and anything not scriptural must be rejected.

    I believe this young man is sincere but am inclined to see his revelation as being the product of an overactive imagination or vivid dreams.

    While he did not mention any specific day for judgment, I can again see no scriptural basis upon which these scenes would be conveyed in this manner to someone such as this young man.

    Some day, we will see Christ coming in the clouds, with all power and glory, as Lord of lords, King of kings, Faithful and True and there are numerous biblical references that point to the end times as well as the manner in which the end times will unfold and what is described herein does not in the least fit with my understanding of related scripture

    1. Post
  10. Hi Tom. I just want to let you know you’re not alone. I’ve done just a wee bit o work with special needs children and adults and can only imagine the day-to-day, specialist-to-specialist, bill-to-bill struggles you face as a parent. I’m on Twitter a lot and have met many folks who have also given up on God and the pleasant platitudes assuring that he is near/listening/saving/preparing us for “the end times”/heaven/hell, etc. Please reach out for support and individuals you can connect with as friends–even if you never meet, knowing someone cares and shares your experience is powerful–and you may stumble upon organizations, resources, or tips to help you cope.

    You can find me at @WiserThanIWasB4. Always happy to chat, and ready to listen to evidence for God or Jesus, heaven or hell (please note: Bible verses are not evidence or proof).

    1. “please note: Bible verses are not evidence or proof”

      But aren’t they? Surely, the Word is what opens our hearts to the truth.

  11. It’s ok Tom to be angry with God. It’s ok to grieve for a situation that’s not what you expected. It’s ok to not understand why you and your son are in this situation at this time. One day it will become clear to you how God is using this situation. Until then, hold on and make the most of it.

  12. Hi Tom. I have no idea if you still get these comments, but I figured I’d write and let you know I read your post again and wished good things for you again. I’m pretty used to it now, but for a long time after I lost my faith, I desperately missed KNOWING that I could connect to the Creator with a simple prayer, and he would make things happen. Please feel free to tweet me as a friend on Twitter, @wiserthaniwasb4.

  13. “Read the Scripture and apply it to your life, so when Jesus comes back, He sees His word and not your flesh” ; (when you stand before Him @ Judgement).

  14. I haven’t watched the video yet and I will but I too saw my judgement, heaven and was in a dream like state but not a dream. I did not have a body. But I could never see myself my body because it didn’t exist where i went. It happened on 2.14.17.

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