23 Minutes in Hell – Bill Wiese is the Man Who Went to Hell

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It’s 4 am.

I’m watching a sermon on YouTube by Dr. Tony Evans.

The name of the video is, “The Strategy of Satan.”

On the right-hand side of my screen beside the video are other videos that are recommended by YouTube.

One of them catches my eye.

The name of the video is Bill Wiese (Man Who Went To Hell) – 23 Minutes in Hell (Condensed).

I thought to my self, “I wonder if I should watch that.”

All of a sudden, I heard a thought in my mind.

The internal voice said, “You don’t need to watch that, it’s a waste of your time.”

Now if you know anything about the spiritual side of things, then you know that there are 3 voices that you can hear speaking in your thought life.

You can either hear God’s voice, your own voice, or the voice of the enemy.

So which voice was this?

I decided to watch the payid casinos video for my self so that I can know if this video was a waste of my time.

It wasn’t. It was an amazing video, full of the goodness of God, His grace, and His mercy.

Now I know where that voice came from.

Here’s the Video the Enemy Doesn’t Want You To See

Pastor Bill was taken to see a vision.

I am usually pretty doubtful when I hear about people who have out-of-body experiences.

But some of them are just so powerful.

So here, just a watch a few seconds of the video and if you don’t like it, then just turn it off.

So What Did You Think?

Share your thoughts in the comments so that we can all encourage one another.

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  1. Great simplified truthful Word of Revelation for believers in CHRIST and unbelievers-Thanks for sharing this video with me

  2. Incredible message. Thank you for sharing it Peter. I’ve shared it on Facebook and I am going to use it as a basis for a Bible study because wow he seriously knows scripture and I want to write down and go back over every verse.

    1. Post

      You are most welcome, Chad. I’m glad you enjoyed it. That was one of the things that impressed me too, is the pastor’s deep knowledge of the Scriptures. I’m sure he shared this message many times also.

  3. If I have to hear the message, it makes sense. The fact that he was quoting from the Bible makes all the more easy to relate to and search. I do not agree with the alter call though. But then again it is a matter of perspective that different churches follow. Because the alter call has been used and misused so much that I do not buy into the mood changing music and alter calls at the end of the church service. It is like creating an atmosphere. 🙂

    Yet I cannot run from the fact that the pastor gave a very meaningful and might I add quite frightening message in terms of the description. Not many pastors preach on hell. God gave him that vision and I have every reason to believe it no matter if it sounds like a plot from a fantasy novel. Even if someone says it was a delusion I would say to them it holds true because Hell will be a frightening and real place as much as God is real. It is an eye opener. Thanks brother Peter Guirguis for sharing it.

    1. Post

      You are most welcome, Deepak. I’m glad that you also like the video. It seems to have resonated with so many people from the community. It also very much resonated with me.

      I was also very much fascinated to read your comments about the altar call. You’re not the first person that I’ve heard this objection from. May I please ask you what is your opinion on how to give an evangelistic message in a church or maybe if in a large stadium? What should the pastor do in those cases that would be better than an altar call, in your opinion?

      1. Dear Peter. In a stadium where there are virtually unknown people that have come who may or may not be in faith and where among those who have been a Christian by virtue of being born in a Christian home but have not known the idea of repentance and Sanctification, in such an event alter call makes perfect sense. Like in Billy Graham crusades and many others. In our country there is no such freedom any longer.

        But in a church setting you might find the same set of people coming in for alter call week in and week out as if it is confession of one’s sin to the priest. Alter call would make more sense if there is someone who comes forth who has never known Jesus Christ as personal Savior. At alter call those who have been living a life away from the Lord for a significant amount of time can also come forward. But it is not something like I did not pray or read Bible this past week or used some cuss word in the heat of the moment that I should forth at the alter call. I have been to a Pentecostal church for 2 years in the past. They love those alter calls. As I can recall almost 1/5th of the church was at alter call each week. It has lost its significance in my opinion.

        Alter call is not a green signal that I have confessed to the Lord and pastor prayed for me and I can go about with my business until next alter call.

        Alter call with head count can be replaced with pastor asking people to pray after him in their heart and asking congregation to pray for those who holds spiritual struggles in their lives or those who are new and would have otherwise come forward. If you see in the video after repeated alter calls some were last second arrivals. I am like that too if I would have been in their place. There are lot of shy and introverts who think what would others think about them. Many of us keep our best foot forward when it comes to Christian get together. Not that we all have a secret identity. But some are hesitant and prefer not be seen as singled out.

        1. Yes, Deepak, your answer makes complete sense to me. You mentioned that in your country you do not have such freedoms anymore to do an altar call publicly. May I please ask you if you are in India?

          1. Yes I am in India. I suppose I didn’t phrase my sentence rightly 🙂 What I meant is in my country there is no freedom any longer to hold crusade meetings to the size of a stadium. Maybe it is for the better since in the recent past when such freedom existed there were prosperity preachers who booked such stadiums. As I can recall Billy Graham has not come to India not in my christian life time. Atleast when his health permitted him to come, he was banned from entry in here. That is so unfortunate.

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