Top 10 twitter mistakes and how to fix them

Top 10 Mistakes You’re Making on Twitter and How to Fix Them

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Are you not getting as many retweets as you want on Twitter?  Are people not clicking on the links in your tweets? Do you feel frustrated because you’re not able to expand your reach on Twitter?

If you’re experiencing any of these things, then it could be because you’re making some mistakes on Twitter.

If you continue to make these Twitter mistakes without correcting them, you’re not going to be able to get more people to visit your blog, website, or ministry.

You won’t be able to get your followers to do the call to action that you want them to do in your tweets.  You’ll probably end up feeling frustrated, and wishing you could have better luck with Twitter.

Can You Identify With My Story?

When I first joined Twitter, I only had 35 followers. Even though I tweeted a few times a day and made friends instantaneously, I was stuck at having this number of followers for a long time.

My tweets rarely got retweeted, and few people clicked on the links that I was sharing.

This was a problem for me because I wanted to expand my Twitter influence to use it to achieve my ministry goals.  

As I continued to use Twitter, I began to do research to see how I could get more followers, get retweeted, and get my followers to click on my links.

While I was able to achieve success by getting more Twitter followers within six months, I continued to make mistakes on Twitter for the next year and a half.   These mistakes held me back from achieving what I was hoping to do through Twitter.

I learned that I was making these mistakes on Twitter over time by reading different articles, listening to podcasts, and talking with other people who were successful on Twitter.

I want to help you become aware of these Twitter mistakes, and to show you how to fix them.

How to Fix the Top 10 Mistakes You’re Making on Twitter

I recently contacted Brady Shearer of the Pro Church Tools podcast, and I asked him if I could come on his show to do a podcast about this very subject.  He graciously agreed, and the podcast show is now live.

By listening to the show, you’ll be able to find out what the top ten mistakes that you’re making on Twitter are, and how to fix them.

Click on the button below to visit the website, and listen to the show.

Or additionally, you can download the awesome Stitcher app on your iPhone, Android, or Windows phone.  Then just search the app for “Pro Church Podcast.”

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