Is Twitter the Sword of the Spirit?

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I’m on vacation this week so I’m honored to bring you a great guest post by Kristen Collier.

About Kristen Collier

Kristen Collier is an author, writer for TV, and owns Tangerine Sky Productions, Ltd. a video production company with her husband.  She and Kevin are blessed to supply children’s and music videos to what will be the world’s largest aggregate of Christian media at Truli Media.

Kristen also has a blog which focuses on Jesus and His return.  You can check out her blog  and you can follow her on Twitter.

Calling in life

I’ve been in marketing for years but I just recently got a job doing social media marketing. As a result, I’ve been doing some research on how to get the best results.

Twitter has been a fab help, and so I applied everything I’ve learned to my own TV projects. That was the major inspiration behind my personal Twitter account and my blog.

My personal goal and calling in life is to continually point people to Jesus and His imminent return. So when I joined Twitter and created my blog, I used a Jesus cartoon illustration my husband created for our children’s TV show as my profile picture and blog background.

So, the design of my blog and Twitter profile set the stage and was a visual that showed people the focus—Jesus!.

I started to tweet and follow people on Twitter. I made sure to follow those who were themselves followers of Jesus. I did this to set the tone for my Twitter profile and because I knew that people often checked who you were following to see who they themselves should follow.

There was one very interesting thing that jumped out at me however, as I began to watch the Twitter feed descend on my screen. The people that posted Scripture routinely, their posts seemed to jump right off the screen.  That got me to think:

Could Twitter be a digital form of the “Sword of the Spirit?”

Well…sure. As the Scriptures say, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (Romans 10:17).  The Word in ANY format is so powerful— whether it be visual, in song, via video, in a poem, in a hymn…or even in a tweet!

Hebrews 4:12 says, “The Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow….”

Since the rest of that verse says that the Word “…is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart,” then I think my impression of my all-Christian Twitter feed can attest to the fact that Twitter can be used as a digital “Sword of the Spirit”.

HIS Word jumps off the page when intermingled with the other well-intentioned Christians who are, of course, doing wonderful things via Twitter, who are stating God’s truths in their own words.

But the fact of the matter is that man’s words pale in comparison to God’s. They hold no weight. His do.

Twitter evangelism tips

So, my number one biggest tip for those who want to evangelize on Twitter—make sure that you tweet a Bible verse, or fragment of a verse in reply to someone’s tweet, at least every third tweet.

That way, when someone is checking you out, when they click on your name and it shows your top three tweets, they might not end up following you or click on you again, but they will see Scripture!

So tweet Scripture—it is more powerful than anything else you will ever tweet!

And it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to take it from there. “The Word of God is living and powerful….”

“So shall My Word be that goes forth from My mouth;

It shall not return to Me void,

But it shall accomplish what I please,

And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” –Isaiah 55:11

What tips do you have for evangelizing on Twitter? Do you agree that Christians should tweet Bible verses? Share with the community what you have learned about sharing your faith online.


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  1. Absolutely we should post, tweet, etc. the Word of God.
    As Charles Spurgeon put it: “Scripture is like a lion. Who ever heard of defending a lion? Just turn it loose; it will defend itself.”
    Keep up the great work!

      1. I’ve been working with John Constitution on a twitter ministry. We find the trending hashtags throughout the day and post messages to them. I haven’t tried it with just a verse yet but I will now. By gathering a large enough group under our “home” hashtag, #WPFTL, which goes on every post, we can retweet each others posts all day long. Since the life of a post on twitter is about ten seconds, this is a great way to keep the message going. Of course, both of us love this blog as well. Good advice!

          1. Hi Peter, #WPFTL is a remnant of a Facebook group that we used to work out of called “We Pray For The Lost, (WPFTL).  These days it is just an easy way for us to find each others tweets for easy retweeting.

  2. I agree with you John. I do think that the Lord will bless even our own efforts if it isn’t His Word exactly word for word. I think that verse in Revelation that says that they overcame them by the blood of the lamb and the power of their testimony. That verse is one that really resonates with me.

  3. Nice post. I do agree. Being in a techie generation nowadays, where the Bible is regarded as archaic and too long to read, people need Jesus, and we can do our best, from sharing Jesus verbally down to tweeting it. Good work! God bless.

  4. I really enjoy the word of God and I love and follow it’s teachings.  The word of God IS alive and should be shared however you can.  Some scriptures will lift your spirits and give you hope.  I love the book of Proverbs so I like to share the wisdom that is within that book.  When you get the Word in you, you just can’t help to want more.

  5. Hi John!

    I do agree that people are blessed by God’s words put in our own words, I just meant that the Word itself is so powerful it JUMPS off the page at you! 🙂 There is NOTHING like God’s Word, Praise Jesus!!

  6. Yes I do agree wsith JohConstitution and sometimes unfortunately people use the word of God mindlessly as a weapon not for Him but for their own identity and little club to club people with. Take it also from the lived life of Jesus. Yes he quoted scripture but he didnt do it endlessly or mechanically. His testimony was his Actions and he acted and spoke WITH people in the communion of God the father he was just THERE as we need to be alongside all those in trouble be it obvious or hidden through false happiness! You can abuse the words of scripture and it can also be inappropriate translation. Theres someone who tweets endless King James Verson ‘thee’ s and ‘ye’ s and ‘thou’ s and I think this puts more people off and builds walls against the Holy Spirit. Christ gave us the Holy Spirit to move us – he did not expect us to be mechanical repeaters!

    1. I’m also reminded John of places of Scripture in the New Testament where a verse was quoted in the Old Testament but it wasn’t word for word.  Sometimes it was just a paraphrase or a summary even.

      I think what Kristen was getting at was that the Holy Spirit’s original words are the most powerful, more powerful than our own version of it although God will use both.  I’m sure Kristen will chime in here in just a second 🙂

  7. Hi Kristen I like what you are trying to do and I do party agree but I also partly disagree and have explained why in my answer to JohnConstitution. Its obviously a balance but I also find what Peter G says inspiring!

  8. Excellent post, Kristen. I think using social media to share Jesus & scripture is a wonderfully powerful platform and perhaps the people who need to hear the message include those who are not yet Christians. By that I mean I think it is important to have non-Christian followers & friends so that they can be exposed to the Word. If it offends any of them, they have the freedom to “un-follow”.

  9. I tried an experiment this morning.  I tweeted Romans 6:23 to a trending hashtag, #InsideTheDream.  As all such tweets that I do also contain another hashtag, #WPFTL, as an easy locator, it was easy to see that after 3 hours my tweet had been retweeted 15 times.

    I was surprised at how successful my experiment was.

      1. I was surprised as well.  The thing is, I don’t have a good reason for why this worked so well.  Was it the hashtag? The verse? The time of day?  I’ll try different trending tags and different verses at different times and see what happens.

        My initial impression would be that Kristen is right, God’s word is really powerful!  Just imagine the audience reached by a single tweet!

  10.  That made me laugh!  (In a good way.)  It is so simple, yet so smart!  I love it. You are very creative and I am very thankful for the idea.

  11. I’m so happy to read this.  I have purposely not tweeted a lot of scripture, especially word for word because I guessed that people would glaze over it. I thought that those who knew it would scan it and subconsciously say, “Read it, know it…”   I also figured those who are not familiar with scripture would skip it with disinterest.  This post, as well as John’s comment has inspired me.

    1. That’s cool Tereasa! I think you’ll be surprised by the number of re-tweets that you’ll get. Please do share your experience with rest of the community here at NAOTG 🙂

  12. I heartily agree with the power of scripture and Isaiah 58:11 is close to my heart too, God’s word is indeed a powerful seed, and we won’t really know until we get Heaven just how much fruit we’ve managed to bring forth by being willing to spread the seed. I’m guessing we’re going to be amazed.

    That said, I also feel a word of caution is in order. I’m often frustrated quoting scripture on Twitter, because it’s too easy to quote verses out of context, which may not have the effect we’re looking for.

    For example, you tweet “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” – Jesus.

    I’d say that there’s a pretty good chance that anyone struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol or porn will look at that and think it’s a lie, just another clueless Bible-thumper on Twitter.

    Why? Because addicts aren’t usually that stupid. They KNOW the truth, that the thing they’re wallowing in is going to lead to a bad end. Do they not care? Of course, they care. The trouble is that knowing the truth most definitely did NOT set them free. So what conclusion should they come to?

    When that verse is read IN CONTEXT things become more clear. Jesus is addressing his disciples specifically, and at the end of the passage he says that THE SON will set you free. The truth he’s talking about is THE truth – himself.

    I could go on and on about other verses that are largely misunderstood today because of the context, but maybe that’s more appropriate for a full-on blog post than just a comment.

    My point is, I’m very selective about what I’ll tweet, and even then, it’s almost always with a follow-up lead to either a blog post expanding on the verse, or a full chapter of scripture at one of the online Bibles. So the goal of the tweet is more of a teaser, a verse that will make people hungry for more, to find out what it means.

    1. That’s a good point that you make Klaus. The 140 character limit of Twitter does force your hand quite a bit and does cause you to be creative. I think there’s also something to be said here about the Holy Spirit’s role since we know that God’s Word does not return void.

      I think sometimes we take all of the burden upon ourselves to produce results when really, the Holy Spirit plays much more of a leading role then we give Him credit for.

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