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How to Have More Followers on Twitter Than People You’re Following

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A question I often get asked by those who are following the steps in the guide to getting thousands of followers is, “How can I have more people following me than I’m following?” In other words, “How can I get the number in green to be bigger than the number in red?” Please see the image below.

follow me as I follow Christ
16 evangelists to follow on Twitter

16 Evangelists to Follow on Twitter

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This week I’m guest posting on Emerging Evangelists. In this post, you’ll find a list of 16 evangelists who are sharing the Gospel and God’s Word on Twitter.  Check out the list and have some fun interacting with these folks. [animated_button align=”center” animation=”bounce” color=”orange” size=”large” text=”Click Here to Check out the List” target=”_blank” url=””]

16 evangelists to follow on Twitter

How to Use Buffer App to Share Jesus Online While You’re Sleeping

Peter Guirguis Social Media, Twitter 4 Comments

Have you ever wanted to use social media to share Jesus with others? Are you someone who sees Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as an outlet to tell others that Jesus can change their life? Whether you feel that way now or  even if you’ve never given it much thought, I’d like to encourage you to keep reading because there is something …

8 Reasons Why It’s Okay for Christians to Want Thousands of Twitter Followers

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As a Christian, have you ever struggled with wanting to get more followers on Twitter? Maybe you want to have more followers but you’re not sure how to do it and if it’s okay to want followers. I mean after all, aren’t you supposed to be humble and not want to call attention to yourself? Aren’t you supposed to tell …

18 Expert Twitter Tips That Make Your Tweets Go Viral

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We’ve taken a break from our series on Twitter for the last couple of weeks but today, we’re jumping back in with a BAM! If you’re serious about getting thousands of Twitter followers and getting retweets, then you’re going to need to know things like how to write great tweets or how to tweet at the best times when your followers are online, You’ll …