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How to Have More Followers on Twitter Than People You’re Following

Peter Guirguis Twitter 15 Comments

A question I often get asked by those who are following the steps in the guide to getting thousands of followers is, “How can I have more people following me than I’m following?”

In other words, “How can I get the number in green to be bigger than the number in red?” Please see the image below.

follower to following Twitter


There are 3 reasons why you would want to have more followers than people that you are following on Twitter:

1. You want to stop hitting that Twitter limit that tells you that you can’t follow any more Twitter followers until more people have followed you.  This happens after you’ve followed 2001 accounts on Twitter.

2. It improves your score on, if you use that free service. If you’re not familiar with Klout, it’s a free app that scores all of your social media accounts to tell you how influential you are.

3.  You want to eliminate the number of spammers and inactive accounts that you’re following on Twitter.

Here is How You Can Do That

Step 1)  Log into your ManageFlitter account.  If you haven’t used ManageFlitter before, then check out this video about using the free version or, you can


for the pro version.

Step 2)  You’ll find yourself in the Unfollow area of ManageFlitter.  Click on the Fake Following link in the left sidebar.

fake followers ManageFlitter

Step 3)  ManageFlitter will take you to a screen to show you how many people you’re following that are considered to be fake accounts or spammers.  Click on the Fast Select link to see all of those accounts at once.

fast select ManageFlitter

Step 4)  Left click on the profile picture of the first account in the list and while your mouse button is still pressed down, click and drag over the rest of the pictures until all of them are selected.  The profile pictures will turn pink like in the image below to show you that they’ve been selected.

Step 5)  From the right sidebar, click on Unfollow Selected.

Unfollow selected ManageFlitter

Step 6)  Repeat this process for Inactive Users.  Inactive users are those who haven’t posted on Twitter in the last 30 days.  In most cases, that usually means that they’ve abandoned their Twitter account so it’s pointless to continue following these people.

Inactive ManageFlitter


Unfollowing people can be done using ManageFlitter’s free account.  I use their pro account which gives me the added benefit of bulk following people in less than 5 minutes.  Wether you need a free or pro version, you can’t go wrong with using ManageFlitter.

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[image credit to Jose Fares]

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  1. Let me add a couple of things. First, if you only speak English, “non-English” might be a place to look as well. It’s not that you don’t value the culture, but it’s hard to develop a friendship with someone when Google translate is your only means of communication (losing the subtlties of language).

    Also, Quiet and No Profile image might be places to look as well. I’m not saying that everyone listed should be unfollowed, but those are possible places to look.

    With that said, I’m only following 8,000+ of my 13,500 followers, but I’d love to get it down to just a couple hundred. I guess I need to examine other things, too. I’d love a “profanity” or “political” filter. For the political filter, I’d love to be able to get a list of everyone who just assumes the other side is filled with people who aren’t smart or haven’t thought about it. The fact is that while there are some people like that, there are very intelligent people on both sides that just believe a different set of evidence than you do.

    Oh well, off to filter manually.


    1. What can I say Paul, I just loved your comment! Those are some really cool ideas if ManageFlitter would ever be able to create a filter based on profanity or politics.

      I think I remember that you started using ManageFlitter a few months ago. To have a 5000 difference between the number of followers and the number that you’re following is pretty good considering the number of total followers that you currently have (IMHO).

      1. Thanks.

        Once I get all the bugs worked out, I need to have you on my show “Tech Help for Churches” to talk about what you’ve learned about Twitter (two people saying something is morea authoritative than one 😉 ) Are you available during the day? I usually record on Monday mornings.

        1. I sure am Paul, it would be a privilege for me to be on your show. I also signed up to receive your newsletter so I love what you are doing with Tech Help for Churches and Tech, No Babel.

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  6. Hi there Peter.

    Nice article you have here.

    It´s an interesting tip for massive reduction of people you are following that needs to get out your account in order to have it healthy, the comment that Paul said was a great complement too.

    A future question could be:

    what will you do when both numbers are getting closer and you applied all the tips mentioned here?

    Really great post.

    1. Post

      Hi Julio, thank you for your kind words about my article 🙂

      You asked me about what would I do when both numbers are getting closer and I applied all the tips. Well, I can tell you that the more people that you add, the more that there will always be new people who are either spam or who are inactive.

      That list pretty much never runs out. So you will always have a list of people to unfollow as long as you are following new people.

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