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Give Me 30 Days and I’ll Give You 1328 Twitter Followers or 858!

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]The advantages of having thousands of Twitter followers are many.  You can send traffic back to your blog, share with people your latest book, product, or my personal favorite, share Jesus online with others.

But there are a few problems that stand in the way of you getting those thousands of followers.

  1. You and I aren’t celebrities so people are going to have a hard time finding us among the millions of Twitter users.
  2. Even if people found you, the likelihood that they will follow you is slim.  After all, do you have something valuable to offer them?
  3. The information on the internet about how to grow your Twitter following is mostly bad.  Trust me, I’ve searched and there’s TONS of bad advice.

So the question is, are you ever going to get the thousands of followers that you want?  Today, the answer is, “YES!!”

I’ve put together a guide that will give you the thousands of Twitter followers just like I’ve been getting every month.

I had to learn the hard way by going through all the junk information that’s out there which cost me both time and money.

Today, I’m giving you the shortcut :-).

Two Bloggers Experience Success With The Guide

I reached out to two friends that I met online, Kurt Bennett of, and Greg Holt of  I asked each one of them if they wanted to be the first testers of my guide.

The only rules were:

  1. They couldn’t share the information with anyone yet because I had still not gone public with my guide.
  2. They had to give me feedback on what worked and what needed improvement.
  3. They had to record every week the number of Twitter followers that they got for 30 days.

Greg said yes right away.  (Thank you Greg :-))

I thought Kurt was going to respond in the same way.  I mean he had nothing to lose, access to the guide was free, and Kurt is a retired firefighter so didn’t he have all the time in the world?

Instead, Kurt said, “I’ll pray about it.”

Can you believe the nerve on that guy, wanting to pray? I mean, wasn’t this an opportunity of a life time and deserved an automatic, “Yes”?

(Just kidding, I’m only giving Kurt a hard time because he’s much more of a godly guy than I am :-))

Thank God, after Kurt prayed he got back to me and told me that he would give the Twitter guide a try.

I respect both Kurt and Greg for being so gracious to me and agreeing to test out my guide.

Kurt Added 1328 Twitter Followers in 30 Days

Kurt BennettKurt started on August 25th with 123 followers.  After going through the steps in the guide, on September 25th he had 1451 followers.

So Kurt had a net increase of 1,328.  Today he has 2460 followers and it’s growing every week.



Greg Added 858 Twitter Followers in 30 Days

Greg HoltGreg started in September with 396 Twitter followers.  He did the steps in the Twitter guide for 30 days and ended at 1,254.

That’s a net gain of 858 followers.

Greg also shared with me that he would have gotten more followers but since he had a busy work schedule in September, he wasn’t able to dedicate as much time to the guide as he would have liked.

Greg also shared that at the end of 45 days, he had a net gain of 1,359 Twitter followers.

That’s pretty good, don’t you think?!?

Now It’s Your Turn

If you’d like access to the guide, it’s free.  Just click on the button below to head over to the page that tells you all the other reasons you’ll want to get access.

Enter your email address, and I’ll send you a link.  Please make sure you check your spam folder if you don’t receive the link.

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