Did You Hear About This Muslim Who Got Saved in a Powerful Way?

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Gabriel used to work at a gas station in Alabama.

Then one day, a tornado hit his city and it turned his life upside down.

Not just physically, but spiritually too…

What happens next is a wild goose chase as Gabriel started to look for the deep meaning of life.

Here, watch his story as he tells it best.


Following Jesus Christ isn't an easy road but is the only road with following


So what did you think of Gabriel’s story?

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I'm the Technology Manager of Calvary Chapel South Bay, a church in Gardena, California. I'm also the founder of Grace Digital Solutions, a company that builds websites for businesses and non-profits. My passion is to see people give their life to Christ both offline and online.


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    1. Hi R, I checked out the YouTube video and the Wikipedia link that you left in your comment. Personally, I didn’t find anything new in either one of those resources. Not sure, what you were getting at? That there are people that are leaving Christianity to become Muslims?

      1. Right, point being that narrative goes both ways. So my question is what does someone switching religious stances really tell us about what or who to follow? Does either scenario reveal truth?


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          I don’t think that either scenarios reveal the truth about a deity. I think people claim to have supernatural experiences from all religions and it’s interesting to explore why they have them.

          So you shared a link showing that there were people that were leaving Christianity and becoming Muslims. Do you think that there are people who are atheists and becoming Christian?

          1. Absolutely Peter! Atheists become Believers, Believers become Atheists, in probably every flavor imaginable. What gives me hope is the growing trend of people moving away from any religious affiliation at all – the “nones”. In my opinion this shows that reason, critical thinking and education are slowly squeezing the need for superstitious practices out of our culture.

            One disturbing trend is the massive upswing in Islam. What Pew researchers call “the world’s fastest-growing religious group” are expected to be ” nearly as numerous as Christians” by 2050. As archaic and useless as I find Christian dogma to be, I’d MUCH prefer it over what I see as a very dangerous and subjugating Muslim worldview.



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  1. Phenomenal. I often wonder how difficult it would be to convert a Muslim to Christianity. Seems nearly impossible because they seem so resolute and very firm in what they believe. Nonetheless, Jesus Christ is the son of God and the only Messiah and Savior of mankind, with all power in His hand. And when He shows up in a Muslim’s life, that Muslim cannot deny it. This particular testimony was powerful and touched my heart. Praise the Lord!

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  2. Dear Brother Pee-Tah: I love your heart-of-hearts. Watching and listening to this young man has been SO moving. Would it be safe to say that God’s Holy Spirit was reaching-out to Gabriel’s heart and calling him to The Savior? What a blessing this has been to me, hearing Gabriel share first-hand how the Lord used terrifying physical circumstances to minister to his deepest spiritual needs. And, don’t forget, in your role as presenter, the Great Potter has fashioned you into a channel of blessing to others, a very HONORABLE vessel. God loves you, Peter, and so do I…

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  3. Thank you for sharing Christ to those watching, I pray that there will be an awaking to believers and non-believers alike. I know it affected me as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ to realize daily that we are going to be accountable in this life and next if it is not under the blood of the cross that HE died on…I do want God to see ONLYHIS SON AND THE SACRIFICE HE MADE FOR ME AND ALL and not my sin. Lord help me to show ONLY YOU and not me daily. Thank you again Bro Peter for sharing, I look forward to hearing and watching more testimonials. God Bless You.

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