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Jewish Scientist (James Tour) Makes the Greatest Jewish Discovery

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James Tour is a highly decorated scientist.

He’s won multiple awards.

He’s been published in scientific journals many times.

James was voted 1 of the top 50 influential minds in the world and is an authority in his scientific field of study.

To say that this man is brilliant would be quite an understatement.

Despite all of his accomplishments and awards, James says that what matters most to him is that He is a Jew who believes that Jesus is the Messiah.

Now, this is quite rare because most Jewish people are taught that if you believe in Jesus, then you are no longer Jewish which would make you an apostate.

In fact, there are many testimonies of Jews who have come to believe in Jesus who go on to experience tremendous persecution and prejudice from other Jews.

So what made James Tour believe that Jesus is the Messiah?

Watch this video as he explains.

So what did you think of this testimony?

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  1. One for Israel group did an average job in presenting the video. Their presentation skill is terms of videography and story telling part is average. There are a number of ways the video could have been shot. But they choose to shot all around the persona of brother James. That fails to bind people on first glance. There is a reason a lot of focus is given on story telling. By story telling I mean presenting what the message is being presented.

    Coming to the testimony part, it is wonderful and uplifting. I hope brother James testimony is being shared among the Jewish millennial for there is still hope for those who are searching. For the generation in the 40s and above a sense of rigidity gets formed. But nothing that God cannot break. Wonderful testimony on the whole.

    Such testimony where a reasonable bend of mind goes in logical analysis almost akin to Lee Strobel’s conversion experience where people deliberate and do not make a decision on some emotional level, should be shot in a video where one person interviews and the other answers.

    Thank you for sharing.

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