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7 Social Media Tips Guaranteed to Take Your Ministry to the Next Level

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Last week I had the privilege of doing an interview with DJ Chuang of the Social Media Church Podcast. If you don’t know who DJ is, he is a strategy consultant who helps churches achieve their goals using web technologies, social media, and communication strategies.

He is the voice behind the wonderful podcast, Social Media Church. Every week, DJ interviews a church leader and talks about social media. He’s had guests in the past like Bobby Gruenewald (the leader behind the YouVersion Bible app) and Adam Jeske of the wildly popular Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

DJ interviewed me for this week’s show and here’s what’s in it for you:

  1. DJ talks about how Pastor Rick Warren used social media to share on Twitter about his sons’ suicide
  2. Time saving tips when you are super busy especially with social media
  3. What to put on your Facebook and Twitter pages if you represent a ministry or a church
  4. What types of status updates get seen the most on Facebook by your fans
  5. How do you measure success when it comes to your ministry and on social media
  6. The problems with most volunteer systems in ministries and the one solution to fix them
  7. How to have an internet evangelism ministry that’s purely based on social media and is free 

There are other topics too that we covered on the podcast.  So head on over there, listen to the podcast, and I highly recommend that you subscribe to DJ’s show.

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  1. Excellent points! A great way for congregations to stay connected is through the use of texting. However, using a personal cell phone can present problems. SendTree ( is a solid and reasonably priced tool that allows for texting groups and subgroups using the web rather than a cell phone. Churches can upload contacts, create subgroups, and even schedule messages ahead of time. Messages can include event reminders, cancellations/schedule changes, encouraging quotes/verses, etc.–and SendTree connects with both Facebook and Twitter. Try SendTree for free–see blue button at the top right of the website!

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