The Shocking Secret Lives of Workers in the Sex Industry

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“We are watching you, you’d better act like you want to be here, and you’d better make X amount of money or else we’re going to beat you.”

These are the words that many young girls hear who are in the sex trade.

They’re taken from their homes at the age of 15 and their will is broken in order to get them to submit into selling their bodies so that their employers can make money.

A couple of weeks I wrote about the church and strip clubs and this week, we’re continuing to take a look at the sex industry.  You may also be interested in an insider’s look at Christian outreaches to prostitutes and sex industry workers.

From exotic dancers, to prostitutes, and even to the employees, they all need Jesus. And this is what this blog is about: reaching out to those who don’t know Christ and showing them that there is a better way of life.

A Rare Story

Today I present to you a story that you won’t watch on TV.  You’re not going to see this on CBS or NBC and very few people are talking about.

The story is eye-opening. It’s touching. And believe it or not, something good is being done about it and there’s even an opportunity for you to help out.

This is the story of Jacob who recounts his memories dealing with the sex-industry, trafficking, and pornography.  Jacob was caught up in a life of crime, doing some of the most horrific things, until he met his Savior.

This video isn’t about how he came to know the Lord but is an inside view of how the sex industry works as Jacob recounts his old lifestyle.  By watching the video you’ll really know what happens behind the scenes and you’ll be better equipped to pray.

Killing Sexual Exploitation at its Root

That’s the ministry of Unearthed.  They’re the fantastic ministry that’s behind this video.  Here is their core belief from their about page:

The heart of this problem is the heart of the human being, and until we see the hearts and desires of men change, we won’t see sexual exploitation change.

What makes Unearthed so awesome is that they know that the only way that the human heart can change is by accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Learn more about Unearthed by clicking here.

If you’d like to help Unearthed spread the word about their ministry, then please share this blog post on Facebook and Twitter.  You can use the scrolling social share toolbar on your left to tell others on your favorite social networks.

Unearthed ministry needs your help so please get the word out now.


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