Problem Solved: An Easy Way to Help Missionaries With Their Funding

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Travis was 17 when he moved from Montana to Manhattan. While he worked in the fashion industry, God was at work in his life.

One Sunday at First Alliance Church, Travis listened as a missionary couple from India talked about their financial needs.

Low on funds, Travis couldn’t afford to become a $30-per-month supporter, but felt God calling him to give, just the same. That’s when the missionary told a simple story about connecting with a friend while witnessing over a cup of coffee.

God’s voice was quiet, but clear: “I want you to buy those cups of coffee. Find a way.”

The Problem

From Travis’ story (link to story), we see an obstacle that has plagued the mission field for decades: funding.

Missionaries have a passion for sharing Christ in countries throughout the world.   They usually can adapt to many types of environments, can learn languages easily, and they are known for their enthusiasm for the lost to come to know the Lord.

However, most missionaries face the obstacle of funding while on the mission field.  There are so many needs but unfortunately, the resources are scarce.

My friend Philip Harms faces this obstacle often while being a missionary in Africa. He’s been working with Wycliffe Associates, a ministry that’s dedicated to helping translate Bibles to the many languages spoken in Africa.

Philip is always trying to raise funds to support his work that he’s doing in Africa.

Most of the time, once people hear about the work that Philip is doing, they almost always want to partner with him.

That’s because Philip uses the power of blogging to raise awareness about his cause.  Of course, Philip ultimately relies on the Lord because the old adage is true: “Where God guides, He provides.”

At the same time, missionaries have to do their part to raise awareness about their cause and to raise funds.

And now there is good news, there’s a great way for missionaries to share their cause with the body of Christ throughout the world and to raise financial support.

The Solution: For a Friend

If you’re looking to be a wise steward and you want to make an investment into God’s Kingdom, then wouldn’t you want to prayerfully give to a missionary that’ll help bring souls into heaven?

I definitely would.

For a Friend is a web ministry that puts you in touch with missionaries from all over the world.  They have a fantastic ministry that’s all about relational giving.

Don’t know what relational giving is?  I didn’t either until I visited the For a Friend website.

Check Out For a Friend


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  1. This is great! What a neat idea! I sent this site to a missionary friend in fact. Thanks for sharing this what a blessing to our brothers and sisters on the missionary field.

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