If you aim at nothing you will hit every time.

Warning: Don’t Follow The Rabbit Trail That Leads to Nowhere When Evangelizing

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When you are evangelizing to someone, you have to be careful of rabbit trails in your conversation.

You have to beware of engaging in certain types of conversations that will lead you to arguments and prevent you from sharing the gospel.

The problem is that if you fall for the trap and go down these rabbit trail conversations, it will cause you to get exhausted in the long run and it might cause you to quit sharing the gospel.

I know this from personal experience because I’ve fallen for this trap several times.

Don’t Do This

A few month’s ago, I began witnessing to a woman on Twitter. I’ll call her Jennie.

My conversation with Jennie began after I tweeted something about God’s faithfulness and she commented on my tweet.

She disagreed with me because she was an atheist and she said that if God existed, then there wouldn’t be so much evil and suffering in the world.

Jennie thought that because there are children starving around the world, since there are murders, rape, and crime, then surely God would want to put a stop to this.

So since He hasn’t stopped all the crime and injustice in the world, then that means that there is no god.

Jennie’s objection to God is a common one among atheists. I will share with you how to answer this question in a later blog post so please make sure you subscribe to the weekly blog post by entering your email into the box at the top.

So I answered Jennie’s question and I showed her the error in her logic.

Then I began to ask her some questions about her background and I learned that she had a Christian background herself. Again, this is something that’s very common in the atheistic community.

As it turns out, Jennie questioned her faith when she thought that God wasn’t answering some of her prayers when she was in high school.

She began to drift apart from church until she finally made up her mind that God doesn’t exist and that Christianity was just one big manipulative lie.

As Jennie and I were talking, she began sharing her objections to Christianity and I began to answer her. One conversation led to another and before I knew it, we were arguing back and forth.

Finally there came a point where we were just pointing fingers at each other. She wouldn’t see things my way and I definitely didn’t see things her way and we ended the conversation on a bad note.

What happened?

I had gone down a rabbit trail of questions and answers without ever giving Jennie the gospel.

And don’t forget, it is the gospel that is the power of God to salvation (Romans 1:16). Sharing the gospel with someone is the most powerful witnessing tool that you have in your spiritual toolbox.

How to Avoid Making This Mistake

Here are 3 tips to help you avoid this common rabbit trail when you are evangelizing:

1. Ask questions to steer someone towards eternity.

I’ve shared with you in this past blog post questions you can ask someone in order to get them to start talking about eternity. This is crucial because it’s the entry point into sharing the gospel with someone.

2. Give a short and concise answer, then ask a question.

In my conversation with Jennie, the better approach would have been to give her an answer and then ask her a question that would have enabled me to give her the good test.

You want to me make sure that you follow one of the most effective ways to evangelize, which is to use God’s Law (The Ten Commandments).

3. Use a calm and friendly tone of voice.

Whether you are sharing the truth with someone on Facebook or Twitter or whether you are doing it in person, you have to use a calm and friendly tone of voice.

Once you start getting frustrated or agitated, it will show and the other person will start getting defensive.

The bottom line is this awesome scripture from 2 Timothy 2:24-25:

2 Timothy 2


Key Takeaway

The goal of every evangelistic meeting that you have should be to share the gospel.  Be careful of those rabbit trail conversations that cause you to have arguments and prevent you from sharing the gospel.

They lead to nowhere and they cause you to feel frustrated.

If you aim at nothing you will hit every time.

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