How to Share Your Faith Even If You're Busy, Scared, Or Don't Know How

How to Share Your Faith Even If You’re Busy, Scared, Or Don’t Know How

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I remember the first time I heard a preacher share a message encouraging Christians to share the gospel.

At the time, I wasn’t the kind of Christian that shared his faith very often.

So by the end of the preacher’s message, I felt guilty. I wanted to tell others about Jesus, and the preacher made it sound like it was going to be easy.

But boy was I wrong.

As I walked the streets trying to strike up a conversation with complete strangers, I found myself being overwhelmed with fear.

But it’s not just me that faced this obstacle. Most of us Christians are afraid of sharing our faith. 

Here are the most common worries when it comes to evangelism:

1)  We’re afraid of being rejected
2)  We’re afraid of what people will think
3)  We’re worried that we don’t know enough to be able to share with others
4)  We’re worried we won’t know how to answer questions that might come up
5)  We’re afraid that the person we’re sharing with will react negatively

The problem is that if you don’t overcome these obstacles, then you’ll miss out on sharing your faith.

If you don’t share your faith, then you’re not obedient to God’s Great Commission.

If you’re not obedient to the Great Commission, then you’re not reaching your full potential in Christ.

The bottom line is its God’s will for you to share your faith regularly with others.

tell the world about Jesus because it's God's will

So what’s the solution?

Share Your Faith in 30 Seconds Online

The good news is that there’s an easy and proven way for you to share your faith.

There are some great ministries that have created websites that engage unbelievers.

They answer common questions that unbelievers have. They also have counselors standing by to engage with them.

So all you have to do is just share one of the articles from these ministries onto your social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

However, searching for these ministries and articles will take you time.

So that’s why I’ve made things easier by releasing a new resource today.

I’ve done the research for you to find the very best articles from some of the top evangelistic ministries in the Christian world like:

I’ve created social media updates that include links to some of the best articles and videos. So all you have to do is:

1)  Pray

Start off by praying. Ask God to show you what He wants you to share on social media.

Pray that God will draw the attention of unbelievers to the article you’re about to share.

A great way to leverage the power of prayer is by using the Instapray app.  It will help you to get believers worldwide to pray for anything that you ask.

2)  Copy

I’ve created 93 social media updates that include links to some of the best articles and videos from these top evangelistic ministries.

Copy one of the social media updates from the free download.

3)  Share

Share the update on Facebook or Twitter.

Good people don't go to heaven, forgiven sinners do

To sign up for this free download, just go ahead and click this button.

Free Download

What Kind of Results Can You Expect From This Free Resource?

I’ve been sharing the links that are in this guide for the past five months. By the grace of God, I have seen some astonishing results.

Here’s a tweet that I created recently, and the results are right below it.

By looking at the image below from my Twitter analytics, you’ll find fascinating statistics about this one tweet:

  • The number of times users saw this tweet on Twitter was 3,725.
  • It received 16 retweets and 19 favorites.
  • 47 people clicked on the link to the article in the first 24 hours.
  • This tweet was shared 3 times via email.
Twitter analytics of evangelistic tweet

These are the results from sharing an evangelistic tweet recently. It proves that God is using social media to make His Son known to the world.

Wow, thank You Lord for these wonderful results!

So go ahead and sign up for the  “Share Your Faith in 30 Seconds” download.

It’s free, it’ll save you time, and it’ll help you be obedient to God’s Great Commission.

Free Download

Answering Objections You Might Have

There are some people who might not download this free resource because they have an objection.

Here’s a list of possible objections, and my answers to them.

1)  Objection #1 – You Don’t Care About the Lost

There are some Christians who are indifferent when it comes to the souls of lost people.

If you’re struggling right now with not caring about the lost, then there’s a solution for that.

Just pray and ask God to give you compassion towards them. Ask God to show you what their end is, and to give you a heart like Jesus.

You’ll be amazed at how God answers, and how God will change your heart.

2) Objection #2 – You Don’t Think Social Media Can Replace One-on-One Conversations

There are some Christians who say that we shouldn’t use social media in our evangelism efforts because in-person conversations work best.

I couldn’t disagree more.

I share the gospel both in one-on-one conversations as well as using social media. There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach.

However, you can have a great conversation with someone using social media if it’s done the right way.

Don’t forget, by using the free download, you won’t be engaging in any conversations yourself.

Unbelievers who click on the links and have questions will be engaging with trained counselors who are standing by.

3) Objection #3 – You Don’t Think You’re an Evangelist

You might not share your faith using social media because you think you’re not an evangelist.

You might think that sharing your faith is only for people who have good social skills, or who are skilled at sharing the gospel.

While neither of these myths are true, I want to share with you the unique thing about this free resource that’s available to you today.

You don’t need to have good social skills or even be an evangelist to use this resource.

All you’re doing is literally, praying, copying, and sharing on your social network.  That’s it.

You’re sending people to these websites that have counselors standing by to answer the questions that unbelievers have.

So the burden is off of you and on the counselors that are standing by.

Counselors are standing by online on evangelistic websites

4) Objection #4 – You Don’t Have Time to Share Your Faith

You’re a busy person. You don’t have time to share your faith, so you’ll get to it later when you have time.

But don’t forget, every day that someone spends away from God is a day that’s wasted. It’s in an unbeliever’s best interest that they come to Christ as soon as possible.

If you want to be truly obedient to God and to love your neighbor as you love yourself, then you want to redeem the time as the Bible says. (Ephesians 5:15-16)

[blockquote cite=”Ephesians 5:15-16″ type=”center”]See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.[/blockquote]

If you’re not making time to share Christ with others, then you’re saying that it’s not a priority. But don’t you think that telling others about Jesus should be a priority?

5) Objection #5 – I Don’t Know You, Peter

You might be thinking, “Hey, I don’t know this blogger guy called Peter. Who knows if the resources in this guide are doctrinally and theologically sound. Or maybe Peter has some ulterior motive in making this resource available.”

If you’re new to Not Ashamed of the Gospel and you haven’t really gotten to know me through my articles or my YouTube videos, then I totally understand.

Here’s a link to my personal website and here’s a bit more about me.

And here’s a lot more about me, this is my testimony.

All I care about is reaching the lost.

I think that God has called me to evangelism, and blogging is one tool that I use to help equip the members in the body of Christ to share their faith.

As far as the resources in the guide go, all of them are from mainstream ministries that would be considered to be evangelical and orthodox.

None of the ministries are from cults like Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons. They’re just straight up ministries that love Jesus and believe that He is the only way, truth, and the life!

So what are you waiting for, download this resource already. It’s free, and it’ll help you be obedient to God’s Great Commission.

You’ll feel wonderful knowing that people are coming to Christ because of something you shared.

Free Download

If you have any questions or feedback, just drop me a comment below.

God bless you, and I’m praying for your success!

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