How can we use Agape love that Jesus showed us to love people into the Kingdom on the Internet?

How Can We Love People into the Kingdom Online?

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Updated:  After publishing this post, I came across a fantastic 4-minute video that’s highly relevant to the topic of loving people.  You can check it out at the end of this post.

Last week was an awesome week largely thanks to God first and then to you! I wrote my post titled, How I got attacked by an atheist and what I did to get even. As a result, lots of people were commenting and my Twitter feed was flooded the whole week with your tweets.

If you didn’t get a chance to read the most popular post on this blog so far, you can check it out here.

Most of the comments were from our brothers and sisters in Christ. Almost everyone agreed with the way I handled the situation when an atheist insulted me for no good reason. Some of you also had great suggestions for improvements, and I welcomed those with open arms.

Also, other comments were posted by atheists. I answered each one of their objections to God, replied back to their tweets, and to the ones who were rude or just using circular reasoning, I respectfully backed away from their comments.

But there was one comment that stuck out

There was one comment out of all the rest that hit me like a ton of bricks.

It was strong.

It really resonated with me.

It made me ponder for a long time.

I’d like to share it with you and ask for your feedback. The reason that this comment stuck out to me was because I’ve been thinking long and hard about this subject for some time now.

Check out the comment

Here’s the comment I’m telling you about. It’s by Tereasa, a wonderful sister in the Lord. She wrote:

“Seeing as we do not have an established online relationship, I hesitate to comment. But… since you asked, I will. 😀

It seems to me like you handled the conversation in a mature and biblical way. I have not spent a lot of time looking around your site, yet. Therefore, I cannot make a fair assessment of your tactics.

Based on this post, however, I have one concern. You stated that you build a relationship so that a person is more receptive to what you have to say. Saying that, you come across as one who seeks relationship solely for the purpose of evangelism. Most people can see right through that and are not interested.

It’s kind of like a multi-level marketer who seeks relationship for the purpose of building up their business. Obviously, your purpose is more noble. An atheist, however, probably would not see it that way.

Jesus built relationships with people because he loved them. He came to seek the lost because they were once His, because of who they were… His creation. I think that’s what people need.

They need us to build relationship with them because we are genuinely interested in them, not because they have the word “God” in their bios.

If I have misunderstood you, it is likely that anyone of your twitter followers could do the same. Would you want an atheist to read your words and understand them as I have? I pray you take my words as they are intended, spoken in a spirit of love. God bless you.”

Why I liked this comment

As you can see, Tereasa openly critiques my methods but she does it in a spirit of love. I’m far from perfect and that’s why I don’t mind at all sharing with you my shortcomings and even being vulnerable with you online.  I hope that it will encourage you to be real on this community too.

It’s all about Jesus’ Agape love

I believe with all my heart that it’s Agape love that will attract the most people to Christianity. Jesus’ Agape love is so powerful, so infectious, and so unique.

Once people get a taste of the Jesus-style love, they are instantly drawn to the Savior.

Check out this video of a church showin’ some love


My question to you is…

Why do you think the people in the video are making such a strong impact on the community?  How can we show the same  kind of love towards non-Christians online?

How can we use Agape love that Jesus showed us to love people into the Kingdom on the Internet?

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  1. Sheepish and red faced, I am here to apologize. I had every intention of responding to your question last week.  I really did!  I have pondered and prayed about it. I have also been busy. I will give an answer today or tomorrow.   First, I have to do groceries, teach my children, clean house. . .  I look forward to reading what others have to say.  I think you are right.  This is worth discussing!

    1. No need to apologize Tereasa, your comment has blessed me beyond belief! Thank you for being faithful to commenting with what God put on your heart. I hope that it will start a good conversation within our Christian community. Keep up the great work that you’re doing for the Lord 🙂

  2. Appealing to the Bible as proof of our “rightness” only appears as circular reasoning to an atheist. I found this page and wondered if this would be a better approach to explain God’s existence:

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  4. Use the internet to get people involved in community outreach. Share across platforms outreach efforts and how all people can get involved. This provides opportunities for the believer and unbeliever to help hand in hand creating a multitude of opportunities to build friendships with the non-believing that allow us to exemplify and share our faith.

    1. Oh wow Tanya, I have to give it to you that sounds like a most wonderful and very original idea! I actually never thought of that or even heard it as a suggestion. It does make sense, why not partner up by doing community outreachs and having both the Christian and non-Christian side-by-side? You might be onto something here 🙂

      By the way, is this something that you have tried yourself or seen?

  5. The easiest…and I’d contend the ONLY way…is to keep in step with the Spirit. Loving someone can mean caring enough about them to share your concern. It can mean moving on to riper fields. It can mean to journey with them over the long haul.

    I’m having Muslims with honest questions  asking me some really tough ones on my blog and twitter…and I’m amazed with what I’m learning from them.

    1. That’s awesome RevTrev! Can you please share some of the links to those pages on your blog? I’m sure some of the folks from this community would love to check it out 🙂

      1. I don’t want to get too locked into that either though.  I have a small group in Facebook, “We Pray For The Lost” where, just today someone suggested that we do daily blitzes to popular twitter hashtags, tweeting short messages and linking to our personal testimonies.

        I think this is a good enough idea to at least try out for awhile.

        There are so many possibilities, so many good ideas just waiting to be discovered!

          1. Yes I do.  I have captured it as a blog post, but it is rather long.  I will likely do a second, more condensed version of it.  I may also do a condensed text version of it and tweet it once with tweetlonger, then just copy the short link to tweets where I want to link my testimony.

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  7. I think that what you are doing John is also Biblical.  I mean the Lord Himself leaves the 99 sheep and He goes after one.  I see that you are following in our Lord’s footsteps by being more watchful to find those people who are hungry for God on Twitter.

    Blessings upon you dear friend 🙂

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  9. Start with the people in the streets first, getting into an online debate with anyone is futile. Clothe the homeless, feed them, take care of the orphans. It’s that simple really, people will see Christ more through your actions than words. Everyone talks a big game, only few act upon it though. Good luck.

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