God Uses Online Evangelism to Save One Man From Committing Suicide

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This is just one of those stories that you have to see to believe, kind of like the story of Lacey, yet still very unique.

Karl was in a deep state of depression.  He had no friends, his family was gone because of a recent divorce, and he felt like he had nothing to live for.

Just when Karl thought things couldn’t get worse, he was hit by a drunk driver in 1972.  As a result, his leg was amputated.  That’s when his life turned upside down.

Things got worse for Karl.  A lot worse.

Watch the video to see Karl’s amazing comeback story.

Global Media Outreach is One Cool Ministry

Like you saw in the video, Martha Larson was the woman who responded to Karl’s online plea for help.  She was an online missionary with Global Media Outreach.

What’s an online missionary?

Glad you asked :-).

GMO is a ministry that uses the Internet to give as many people as possible an invitation to have a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

They have more than 140 websites in multiple languages that reach out to people all over the world with the Good News.  Online visitors are given digital presentations of the gospel using audio, video, or text and are asked if they want to accept Christ.

If they indicate that they prayed the sinners prayer and accepted Christ or if they want to get more information, they’re asked for their email address where an online missionary will follow-up with them.

This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between a veteran believer and a new one.

GMO Staff Are Passionate About Sharing Jesus

I’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the staff at GMO and I’m pleased to share that they are insanely awesome people!

You’ve got Amy Weimer who not only is a discipler and social media guru, she’s also a great writer.  Her guest post on this blog brought in a ton of traffic a couple of months ago.

Also, I recently met Dena Coykendall who is one of the tweeters behind the always inspirational @GodLifeTweets Twitter account.  Denas’ tweets always resonate with many of their followers as they are re-tweeted many times throughout the day.

Finally, there’s my boy John Blandford, who does an amazing job of going to churches and ministries to educate them about GMO’s mission.  He then presents to them how Christians can become online missionaries and he gets boatloads of people to sign up.

In one my future blog posts, I’ll be giving you more in-depth details about what it takes to be an online missionary so that you can pray about being one too.

An Easy Way to Show Your Support

Today, there’s something that I’d like to ask you to do. Show your support for GMO and tell them that you appreciate what they’re doing for the Kingdom by liking their Facebook page and by following them on Twitter.

Not only will you be showing your support, but you’ll also be able to re-post the great links that they share on Facebook and Twitter.  These links can help people come to know Christ or they can help build up a new believer.

Click on these buttons to like GMO on Facebook and to follow them on Twitter.

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  1. So a guy on the brink of suicide does a search for God, and Martha responds by offering Jesus Christ, and the guy is saved, both physically, from suicide, and eternally.

    That is truly amazing! What an encouraging post for any of us trying to reach people for Christ on the internet.

    Praise God!

  2. Psalm 68:20 Our God is a God who saves; from the Sovereign LORD comes escape from death.

    This story gives this verse literal meaning now doesn’t it! God is amazing in how He shows up at just the right time, and most of the time He shines the life giving light through a person that serves Him. How awesome is that?

    I absolutely love this story, as Kurt said this is encouraging! Great story Peter, thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. You’re welcome Greg, I’m glad you enjoyed. I loved the verse that you shared too, it definitely fits in with this story. What I loved is that God used tech to reach out and save someone. Not every Christian sees the value of technology in the salvation of souls, but I know that you sure do Greg 🙂

      1. You bet I do! I see this as only growing and becoming bigger. Greg Laurie must also, look what he did online with Harvest America and will continue to do so! Watched online second night, that was awesome! Did you go?

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