Internet evangelism helps Christians to fish for men and women

Did you know that Internet Evangelism Day is this weekend?

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If you’re like me, then you probably had no idea that there was such a thing as Internet Evangelism Day (IED). I first learned about it last year by stumbling on a great website that I’ll be sharing with you at the end of this post.

IED is on April 29th this year and has been around for quite some time now.  Just in case you lost track of time, that’s this coming Sunday!

What’s the purpose of Internet Evangelism Day?

The purpose is to raise awareness about Internet evangelism as a whole and to encourage more Christians to begin evangelizing online . Internet evangelism is getting more and more popular every year as Christians and Churches worldwide are realizing the powerful reach and multiplier effect of the Internet.

If you missed the blog post about the top 5 reasons why Internet Evangelism is about to explode, you can check it out here.

Check out this very resourceful website

Tony Whittaker has a wonderful website that has been around for years about Internet Evangelism Day and about Internet evangelism in general. He has a wealth of resources on his website and he blogs regularly.

You can check out Tony’s website by clicking here and his blog by clicking here.  If you’d like to check out some ideas you can do for IED, check out this post by Tony.

You can also follow Tony on Twitter.

In your opinion, how do you think we can get more Christians to participate in Internet evangelism? How can we get people to share their faith online with others? Share a comment.

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Internet evangelism helps Christians to fish for men and women

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  1.  Hello, I have been waking early in the mornings lately, so I have been using the time to pray. I have had a Twitter account for quite a while now under the name “byAmencorner” and what happens when you log in, up comes recommendations who to follow, which is natural for Twitter. I don’t want to follow anyone really so I thought who would I follow, the Apostle Paul recommended you keep an eye on him as to what he does and so on. I did put don’t follow me, follow Jesus,what I am trying to say who would I like to talk to or emulate because of their life with Jesus as an example. So I looked at who was on offer, and the name came up for me was Billy Graham. I was born in Liverpool in 1948 and I guess it must have been in the 1950’s, 60’s that my Mum took me to a football stadium to see Billy Graham and George Beverly Shae. Mum had already been attending Church for a while, as my Brother and I had been going to Sunday School, my Mum had changed, we could no longer watch TV on a Sunday. Going back to the stadium,we had gone as a Church, it was a nervous time for me,the question was, would you give your heart to the Lord Jesus. The stumbling block for me was going out to the front and declaring you’d give your heart to Jesus.Hundreds would flock out to the front as the call to come out and show your commitment to Jesus, and then a Councillor would talk to you, and show you what do, and pray for Jesus to come into ones heart.That’s my memory of Billy Graham,at home we would listen to the wonderful voice of George Beverly Shae singing, so these are my thoughts to-day. Alan:)

    1. That’s wonderful Alan!  Thank you for sharing your testimony of how you came to Christ.  There have been been so many who have come to know the Lord thorough the ministry of Billy Graham.  He is such a wonderful man.

      I like how you said, “Don’t follow me, follow Christ!”

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