Can People Get Saved Online?

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Welcome to the very first post from this blog! This blog is about online evangelism which teaches and encourages you, the Christian, to share your faith with others using your social media accounts.  For more information about this blog, please visit the about us or about this blog pages to learn more.  Also, if you havent watched the 1-minute intro video yet, you can do so by visiting the home page here.

Christian videos can get millions of views on the Internet

The other day I watched a Christian video that has more than 20 million hits on YouTube.  Within just one week of the release of this video, it got more than 11 million views.  It sparked some controversy in certain circles but, the point is that many people saw this video and many of the viewers I’m sure were non-Christians.

On the other hand, check out the video below from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. If someone were to watch this video on their iPhone, iPad, or any other digital screen, then go to and pray the sinners prayer,  do you think that he or she can get saved?

You can probably guess where I stand on this subject.  But I’m interested in finding out what you think so that’s why I’m asking.



Does God use technology to get people saved?  Would you ever share an evangelistic video like this one with others on Twitter or Facebook?  Why or why not?

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  1. In short, yes. People can be saved online.
    But all salvation is relational. A short youtube clip can be the trigger to further probing/questions. A blog can be challenging and guide someone along the right lines. Yet unless this leads to a deep relationship, where you are giving as well as receiving (whether online or offline), there won’t be true salvation.

    As for the sharing of videos… I’d be wary of sharing them on Twitter or facebook, because you’re not in control of how people receive it. They have an absolute-ness to them which can be misleading… Mind you, that’s true in real life too, but a conversation that follows is where it starts to work.

    1. I think that you touch here Pierre on a very important subject which is our relationships with the lost. I was reading some statistics the other day that were indicating that it takes on average three years for a nonbeliever to come to Christ.  I think Christians sometimes forget about cultivating relationships with nonbelievers which is an integral part of their conversion.

      Thank you for touching on this very important topic 🙂

  2. First of all, I must address the issue of calling this an evangelistic video! This is evangelism at its worst. We should never start with “God loves you.” Sin should be the starting point, then lead into grace. Not once in this video do they talk about sin and the need to repent and be baptized. They use a fantastic WORSHIP song designed for the Church and apply it to the lost. So, no I definitely would never use a video like this.

    I do believe that social networking is a great way to start the evangelism process. I post all my messages on my blog and share my links on Facebook and Twitter. I post status updates and tweets all week long filled with Gospel messages and things God is teaching me. But, I don’t believe people can be saved online. I’m not saying that God can’t use technology to do His work, but a person can’t be baptized virtually, so I’m going to say the process can start online but needs to be completed elsewhere.

    I’m sure I just opened a huge door for debate there… 🙂



    1. thank you Kris for sharing your insights, and I definitely see your point here.
      May I ask you if you would feel the same way if that video was part of a landing page that basically had the four spiritual laws which addresses the sin issue?  

      At the end of the page then the reader would be given a chance to either pray to receive Christ or click a button to get more information.  I’d love to get your feedback and your comments are always welcome here 🙂

    2.  Great question. Yes, that would definitely help as far as a better conversation starter. My personal fav is the Way of the Master presentation, but as long as it’s something that deals with the sin issue and not just “God loves you,” it’s a much better introduction to the Gospel.

        1.  Awesome! Not to name drop, but my brother-in-law Brad Snow is his website designer! I had the privilege of meeting him and Kirk Cameron back in 2002. Ray came off as extremely humble and encouraged me big time in our short conversation.

        2.  I use the Way of the Master method here daily on the streets of Europe. Just amazing, every day !!! It helps tremendously to share to heart of the human problem and the solution of the Gospel in just a few minutes. I just love it
          Alex, Belgium

          1. Thank you Alex for sharing your feedback and experiences with us. I am a big fan of Ray comfort but I’ve never tried his style of sharing the gospel. Can you possibly share with us some more about what you have found to be a good way to open these types of conversations on the streets?

    3. I agree that the issue of sin needs to be addressed, but don’t you think that you can at least intrigue people far more easily by starting with “God loves you” instead of “You are a sinner and need to repent”?  I think there is definitely a time and place for both, but too often Christians just comes across as judgmental when this approach is used.  There is a time, place, and technique for either method and discretion needs to be used, but do not totally rule out starting with “God loves you.”  I also very much appreciate Ray Comfort (as I can see in your other comment).

      1. That’s a really good point that you bring up Caswell! I also think that we see this model in the Scriptures by our Lord Himself like for instance, with the woman at the well. He addressed the sin issue but that’s not what he started out with.

        I’m hoping that at this website we can build an online family of Christians who can speak their mind about the subject so that we can reach a world that needs Jesus desperately 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing that, it’s funny that you mention Balem because I was just reading that in my devotions last week. If you have a chance to share a link back to your site that does the podcasting to help spread the gospel, then please feel free to link back to it here and I’ll even write a blog post to get you more traffic 🙂

      Blessings upon you

  3. I am so excited about this new blog! I have seen so many people discussing the virtues of spreading the Gospel online. This is a hot topic, indeed. I am strongly in favor of spreading rh Gospel online and believe with every fiber of my being that people can be saved online. Since I have seen so much discussion on the topic, I decided to post my viewpoint and reasoning on my blog.

    1. That’s wonderful Patricia, I’m so glad that you’re excited and welcome to the family 🙂 please feel free to put a link to your blog post that you are referring to here so that others will be able to click on it and go and check out your blog. I’d love to check it out too 🙂

    1. Amen to that!  I think that further studies need to be done to find out what works or what doesn’t. I met a guy on Twitter the other day that says that that was how he gave his life to Christ but I still haven’t heard from him about all the details.. I’ll be sure to put it in a blog post if I hear from him.

      Thanks for your feedback, it means a lot 🙂

  4. I am not going into the debate whether people can be saved online or not. What I can say is that the internet can be an effective tool for evangelism just like the radio or TV. It may not directly convert one to become a believer but it will certainly can help in calling him to action. 

    1. That is some very good and wise insight Marlon. When I first wrote this blog post I never thought that Christians would have different opinions on the subject but apparently they do. It will be an interesting step of faith to find out what tools work in pointing people towards the Lord.

  5. get people saved ? I thought Christ already did that. what did He finish when He said “it is finished”. the possibility of salvation ? or the surety of salvation for all whom He loved from the foundation of the world.  why do you guys talk as if He had not done any saving at all and now needs technology so He can do what He said He finished doing.

    1. I think what is up for discusion is a person’s choice to believe that Jesus is the son of God.  You know how in Romans 10:9 the apostle Paul says, “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”  The condition to be saved here is that you have to believe.

      But we do agree that Jesus did it all when He said, “It is finished.”  Happy Easter 🙂

  6. Peter as I replied on twitter, I firmly believe God can use anything to reach those on whom He has chosen to pour His grace. Since salvation is His work and a move of the Holy Spirit is first and foremost. To paraphrase, YouTube planted, blogs watered but God gave the increase! May we never lose sight of John 6:29 “Jesus said God’s work is this that you believe in the One whom He sent”

    Now the next question should be how can modern media be used to disciple, as that is what the church so desperately needs and is what our Lord has called us to make.

    1. I think you put it perfectly Wally and I especially liked how you said, ”
      YouTube planted, blogs watered but God gave the increase!”  That is such a great perspective and I think it’s a very healthy Christian one.

      You bring up a good point about the discipleship process since our Lord did tell us to go and make disciples. I hope to bring it up on this blog in the future and to hear what you have to say about it.

  7. Should we or should we not evangelize online. Can someone come to Christ online? Following different “evangelism formats” is really not too much different than following different “leaders.” 

    Sometimes we divide over the wrong stuff. We all follow and serve the same Christ. Paul addressed that in 1 Corinthians 3. “We are only God’s servants through whom you believed the Good News. Each of us did the work the Lord gave us.” Some plant seed. Some water it. God makes it grow. Congratulations on following through on what you believe God wants you to do to equip others to get into the battle Peter. BTW, Check out the guys. They do a very good job with video: the record, people ARE coming to Christ online from every corner of the earth. I have the privilege of talking to them about God and the Bible, praying with them, and discipling them as an online missionary for Global Media Outreach. Truthfully, I wasn’t a believer in the approach at first, though I had personally witnessed many coming to Christ through radio and tv for years. Rather than decrying the method, I jumped in, and it has changed my world about what God is doing to reach people with His love. Online evangelism is only one tool and one strategy, but a powerful way to spread the gospel. God created the Internet and has opened the doors for unparalleled reach. Those God calls have a responsibility to go through.God’s anointing and blessing on your new outreach my friend.

    1. Thank you Gordon for leaving me that comment,. I’m a big fan of Christian Media 2.0 and I regularly read your posts on  I’m also really looking forward to the release of Enspire TV.

      It’s funny that you mention Global Media Outreaches ministry. They approached us not too long ago and we are planning on partnering up with them in the near future by giving them people from our church congregation who will help to disciple the people that are accepting Christ online. It’s very exciting and this is what I’m passionate about.

      This site right here is for Christians to help them to share evangelistic resources on their social media sites I am to get them to think along evangelistic lines. Who knows how the Lord is going to use it. If it’s done prayerfully, I’m sure it will have an impact.

      We’re creating another site that is targeting non-Christians. We believe that there is a gap in online evangelism websites that are reaching to the lost.  Almost all evangelism websites online are reaching out to two types of nonbelievers:  1) the seekers who are looking for God, the meaning of life, etc. and 2) those that are hurting like those who are going through a divorce, lost a loved one etc.

      But how about those that are not seeking God? How about those that are partying and the enemy has them busy working and not thinking about eternity? How can we reach them? That is going to be the focus of a new site that we are building. I would love to hear your insights as I know that you have lots of experience in the evangelistic arena.

  8. Amen to that Caz!  I totally agree with you because I think that there are some advantages to online evangelism even though it can never replace 1-on-1 evangelism, mass evangelism, or any of the other forms of evangelism. All are necessary like you say and very effective.

    One of the advantages of online evangelism in my opinion, is that you can engage nonbelievers in a very non obtrusive way. I found that people online are more willing to pour out their guts on the Internet as opposed to one-on-one. Sometimes they can feel more safe on the Internet because they’re only one click away from closing their browser if things get too heavy.

  9. Yes, I would use this video to reach out to the hurting.  They already know they are sinners.  What they are looking for is someone they can trust who loves them.  As for not being baptized  virtually, you need to knoiw that water baptism doesn’t save you.  If you aren’t saved already you just go into the water a dry sinner and come out a wet sinner.  The main reason I would use this is because it is like planting a seed.  Paul said one plants, another waters.  We need to use every avenue possible to reach the lost.  There is only only one to be saved and that is by trusting in Jesus;  not by any works that we can do. God bless.

    1. I love your heart and your passion to reach the lost 🙂 I personally agree with you, that water baptism doesn’t save. I was going to write a blog post about it but I didn’t want to divide the body of Christ so I decided against it.
      Thanks for sharing your heart and your insight with the community here at NAOTG, you’re awesome!

  10. I Pray that God will bless this Video that those whom don’t know JESUS CHRIST may know His gift of Salvation through Repentance. That they may have His Joy, Peace, Mercy & Grace that this video may Glorify Jesus Name Amen.

  11. Confontational evangelism style, that I’m using and I have learned it from Ray Comfort ( ) does not say “You are a sinner and you are going to hell!”. It starts with natural, and intentionally steers toward spiritual. The question would be, “What do you think happens to a person, after he/she dies?” It always brings Conscience to it’s work, and the person itself figures out and judges themselfs that he/she is lying, stealing, adulterer at heart, and blasphiemer, sometimes even by hatred: murderer at heart, and other examples, that you can learn about on the webpage. ( Download the free mp3s of older tapes, that can teach you a lot about this aproach from the webpage ).
    The whole process adresses Proud and Humble. If someone is Proud, you need to use the Law. If they are humble, you share the good news, and you ask them, what must they “do” to escape hell and get their names written in the book of life, with assurance of salvation. Ray Comfort also talks about modern evangelism and evangelicals, claiming so and so many conversions, but they cannot account for those people “you put in your prefered period of time” later, most of the time.
    I follow Jesus, and I learn from those, who teach how to use Law and Grace, both in proper timing. And for those who got me off track for a while, soo that I thought that Ray is something he’s not, check and read explanation: “is repentance of sin nessesary for salvation? ” Please, this explains, why Ray says: Repent of sin in order to get saved, among confession of sins to God, and trusting in Jesus Christ alone for your asurance of sins forgiven and salvation secured. Thank you.

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