Is Your Christian Blog Missing This 1 Thing That’s Making You Lose Traffic?

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This is a guest post by Kurt Bennett.  You can lean more about Kurt at the end of this post.

If you’re someone who’s trying to reach people for Christ on the internet, this post is for you.

I’m on Twitter and recently tweeted the person who runs this website, Not Ashamed of the Gospel. From my perspective, this guy is a big hitter. Besides managing this website, he has more than 27,000 Twitter followers.

So because I find his tweets interesting, and because I believe in the mission of his website, and because I’m a blogger/writer myself, and because I’m trying to follow advice I’ve learned from my research, I thought it would be a great idea to send him a tweet.

So I did. I simply said, “Noticed u tweet other’s posts. Would u consider this one? Target is 20 & 30 somethings soaking in the secular.” followed by a link to the post.

In an exceedingly gracious way, Peter (the man running Not Ashamed of the Gospel) gently told me, Look, I have 20,000 plus Twitter followers so I get requests like yours all the time. Don’t bother me son :-).

He also told me that he wanted to get to know me first before tweeting out my link.

So I tweeted back that I understood his decision not to tweet out the link to my blog post.

We corresponded back and forth a few more times until, for reasons God only knows, he agreed to tweet out a link to my blog.

Something Strange Happened

So I’m celebrating, right? I’m thinking, Hooray! Just like the pros told me to, I connected with someone with a big following and he agreed to put my link out there to his followers.

What do you think happened?

What happened was my site numbers immediately plummeted an estimated 25%! And it’s pretty much been that way since Peter, very generously, agreed to tweet out a link to my blog.

Of course that’s just the opposite of what’s supposed to happen.

There’s Good Advice Out There But…

We all read about practical tips to improve how we blog, how we write, and how to build a platform.

We read about how important it is to have a catchy title, hopefully one that includes a number because, we’re told, people love numbers. Titles like “10 Reasons You’ll Die Young if You Don’t Subscribe to My Blog.” 🙂

And we’re told people on the internet don’t read anymore, they scan, so we need to write using bullet points. And we’re told to be mindful of SEO. And we’re told to write guest posts for other people’s blogs.

It’s all good advice. By virtue of the fact I’ve written this guest post, I’m sure by now you realize I’ve found these guidelines helpful.

Here’s What’s Missing From Your Christian Blog

But here’s the thing, none of it will bear fruit without the Holy Spirit.

If you follow every scrap of advice there is on the internet, but have not the Holy Spirit, you are only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal!    (tweet this to help others ask for the Holy Spirit)

Following instruction from the best in the business, without the Holy Spirit, is like trying to raft downriver where there’s no current.

Writing while using every practical tip and trick possible, without the Holy Spirit, is like trying to fly a kite without the wind. You can have the best kite ever made, but without the wind, it doesn’t fly.

The Holy Spirit is the key to the whole thing.

The good news is, God is in your corner. God wants you to have the Holy Spirit. Jesus tells us, If your son…

“…asks for an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!” (Luke 11:12-13 NKJV)

And Jesus even shows us how to ask, in the same chapter, Luke 11, just a few verses before.

“Then, teaching them more about prayer, he used this story:

Suppose you went to a friend’s house at midnight, wanting to borrow three loaves of bread. You say to him, ‘A friend of mine has just arrived for a visit, and I have nothing for him to eat.’

And suppose he calls out from his bedroom, ‘Don’t bother me. The door is locked for the night, and my family and I are all in bed. I can’t help you.’ But I tell you this—though he won’t do it for friendship’s sake, if you keep knocking long enough, he will get up and give you whatever you need because of your shameless persistence.” (Luke 11:5-8 NLT)

What God Wants to Give to You

God wants you to to have His Holy Spirit. He wants you to create with His Holy Spirit. He wants you to be inspired by Him. He wants to pour His Holy Spirit out upon you so your creative works are Spirit inspired.

How great is that!

And Jesus teaches us the One who gives the Holy Spirit will rise and give you as much as you need, if you’re persistent in asking.

So ask! Ask God to pour out His Holy Spirit upon you. Ask Him for His Holy Spirit today. Ask Him for His Holy Spirit every day. Ask Him three times a day!

Be persistent.

Be to God as the friend who came at midnight asking for loaves.

Fly your kite with God’s wind.

Build your creative works with the Holy Spirit.

[dropcap2]i[/dropcap2]Kurt is a retired fireman who writes inspirational Christian blog posts at Kurt Bennett Books.  You can check out his blog or your can follow him on Twitter.

Why do you think we sometimes neglect to ask God to fill us with the Holy Spirit when it comes to certain things in our life?

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  1. LOL, sorry Kurt that I brought your blog traffic down by my tweets, my bad 🙂 ha ha

    Seriously though,I think that you really touch on a very important subject here. I totally agree with you, without the Holy Spirit leading and guiding us, we can create things for God that are completely not in His will.

    When I was creating this site, it took me a few months of praying and seeking the Lord until He finally led me to put this site together. Let me tell you it wasn’t easy because there was a ton of spiritual warfare! But by the grace of God, all glory be to Him, this blog is bearing fruit for the Kingdom 🙂

    Thank You Lord!

    1. “When I was creating this site, it took me a few months of praying and seeking the Lord…”

      I love that Peter! I’m reminded of Jesus’ words, “If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

      (BTW you and your ministry have been nothing but a blessing to me. We abide in Christ, we seek His Spirit, then we create — the numbers and all the rest are left to Him)

        1. Hi Peter, Yes I agree with booth of you that unless we ask the Holy Spirit to actually do the work in people’s hearts, we do everything in vain, I look at the Holy Spirit as the air that allows a plane to fly because without it it would come crashing down ( like our work would be without the Holy Spirit) It was through a lot of prayer and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit that I began working with Global Media Outreach, ( and it is amazing how many people are searching for meaning in life, and it is a joy to see when they follow Jesus.

          1. Amen to that Mirv! I especially liked tthe illustration that you use. I’ve also visited God Life quite a number of times and tweeted a bunch of their stuff. GMO is doing some amazing stuff for the Kkingdom and you being one of the online missionaries is incredibly AWESOME!

            Keep up the good work my brother 🙂

          2. Mirv, I appreciate your comment and your illustration. I agree, when someone follows Jesus it’s amazing every time. May the Lord continue to allow you to experience that joy over and over. And may He continue to bless you and the GMO ministry!

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  3. I LOVE this post! CCSB linked to it on FB!

    I think we sometimes neglect including God because we put him in a box. We think, “He can’t possibly care about the details of this or that… a blog post, a letter to a friend, a conversation, a play date, a fill-in-the-blank.” We get busy with life and forget to include Him in our plans. Or, we think, “With everything God has on His plate, I’ve got this!” I often pray before writing, especially when the topic is especially tricky, but the reality is, I should be doing it every time!

    1. Amen to that Erica, that is so true! I think that sometimes we don’t pray about the boring or routine stuff that we are used to doing in our lives. But just like you said, we are to pray about everything. When I read @facebook-100002411746576:disqus post, I definitely felt convicted.

      Blessings Erica 🙂


    2. What a great comment! In my devotion this morning I was reading about how G. Campbell Morgan was encouraging a woman concerned about bothering God with “small stuff.” He asked her, “…what in your life is big to the Lord?”

      In other words, all our stuff is small stuff to Him. Nothing is too big, or too small for God. He loves it when we bring everything to Him.

      God’s richest blessings on you and your blog ministry.

  4. I pray before I write every blog. You are so right, without the anointing of the Spirit the message is really sent in vain. Thanks for a terrific post!

    1. I interviewed someone today for a future blog post and he had to remind me to pray before we started! Lorraine, you’re an example and an inspiration for us to pray without ceasing, as the man asking for loaves at midnight!

      Keep it up!

  5. This was a great post! I have to admit, I laughed when you @facebook-100002411746576:disqus said traffic went down after Peter’s tweet! (sorry Kurt 🙂 ) Now your traffic will go back up!

    Anyway, this was a really good post, and a great reminder that we need the Holy Spirit involved in all that we do!

    Thanks Kurt!

  6. This was a great post! I have to admit, I laughed when you @facebook-100002411746576:disqus said traffic went down after Peter’s tweet! (sorry Kurt 🙂 ) Now your traffic will go back up!

    Anyway, this was a really good post, and a great reminder that we need the Holy Spirit involved in all that we do!

    Thanks Kurt!

  7. This was a great post! I have to admit, I laughed when you said traffic went down after Peter’s tweet! (sorry Kurt 🙂 ) Now your traffic will go back up!

    Anyway, this was a really good post, and a great reminder that we need the Holy Spirit involved in all that we do!

    Thanks Kurt!

    1. When it happened, I laughed too Greg. I filed it under the “more evidence God has a sense of humor category.” Maybe He allowed the numbers to drop so this guest post could be written. We’ll never know this side of heaven.

      God bless you and your ministry!

  8. Great post Kurt, thank you for sharing this blessing. I am reminded every day of he importance of prayer as I minister, and especially when I am writing in my blog. Without His leading, as you say, I am but a clanging cymbal.

    As for the reason we sometimes neglect to ask for the filling of the Spirit, I can only speak for myself of course. Perhaps there are times when I just forget, or am too lazy, but I have a strong suspicion that under that forgetfulness or laziness is the real reason, pride. “Oh, sure. I could ask for God’s help in this, but I can handle it, really.”

    The thing is though, as time goes on, I am able to see more and more clearly, that really, I can’t handle it.

    I know that I was created to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and to walk with Him in the intimacy He shared with Adam and Eve before their sin. And unless I am filled with the Spirit, there is no way that I can be the best that God intended me to be.

    God bless,

    1. Well said John! (as usual) My experience is similar. Although it’s painful, God has a way of grinding my pride down. Like you, the older I get, the more I realize, I have nothing to offer. Apart from Christ and His Spirit, I can do nothing.

      Thank you for the insight. And God bless you and His work through you.

  9. One of the main reasons for Pete’s success in social media is his service to others. His work is clearly not about self. This is proof of the Holy Spirit in his life and something we can all learn from. Pete always promotes others before and more than himself.

  10. I believe that we neglect to ask for the Holy Spirit because we forget that we can. We get so caught up in the everydayness of our lives. When I started twitter, I hadn’t thought of evangelizing on there. I began by following an artist I was interested in. But, I naturally shared scripture and my faith, because Christ is my life. It has only been lately that it has occurred to me to ask for the Holy Spirit. I believe that God has blessed me with His spirit in spite of my failure to ask, because He knew it just hadn’t occurred to me. And, because He will use us if we make ourselves available. I so very much appreciate your post because you have reminded me to ask for His spirit both in tweeting and in working my art. As well as when I wash dishes, care for my kids, do laundry etc. We need Him every second of our lives.

    1. Wow Karen, your comment was really powerful! I agree with you, that we simply just forget to ask for the Holy Spirit in the routine things in life. It seems like we only pray for the big things and sometimes we forget about the small routine things.

      It really touched me when you said that you’re going to as for the Holy Spirit when you wash dishes. That’s so cool because as I’m sure you already know, the Bible says that we are to do everything for the glory of God. That includes washing dishes and that’s something that I personally do sometimes with a poor attitude 🙂

    2. Great comment Karen! I can totally relate to what you said about getting caught up in the everydayness of our lives. I think the speed at which information is shared today has had the effect of increasing the pace of life. So much so that many of us are so busy, we can’t seem to quiet ourselves enough, or find enough time to seek God’s Spirit.

      For me, I’ve found I’m better off doing less with His Holy Spirit, than I am doing more without Him.

  11. Kurt,

    What a great post! This was one area that we struggled with when we first started our mininstry/podcast. I was looking at how to obtain more numbers than relying on the Lord to do that for us. If God can use a donkey to speak for Him and to be used for His Glory, then the same came be for us.

    Our website is very basic and podcast has a very “laid back” format compared to others that are out there. However, we are in awe of God to see what was a burden to start the ministry and watch that it has reached over 27 nations from our home.

    One other point I’d like to make is the friendships we have made since the ministry began. Peter Guirguis has been one of those special friendships. Its been humbling to meet, pray and grow with all of the people we have met.

    1. Thanks Mark, it has been such a privilege to get to know both you and Mike! I feel like there is a strong bond between us and some of the other brothers and sisters on Twitter that just keeps on growing 🙂

      Anyone who hasn’t checked out Solomon’s Porch Radio doesn’t know what they are missing! If you’re reading this comment, you can check out their website

  12. Awesome post…it is never about us, but all about Him. Though people laughed at us when we first went on line, you cannot do that they said, you need to be out and about on the streets doing it. My reply was well the “Holy Spirit” lead me to do this He wants a strong presence on the web, to reach the people, whom are reaching out, searching for Him what’s missing in their lives. I had no knowledge of computers at that time, and just listened to the Holy Spirit. We may not have many numbers but so enjoy the teachings, fellowship, and prayer. So many have reached out that are hurting, and we never take the place of their pastor, or church; we just help as the Lord guides until they can get assistance in their area. From the very beginning we have prayed for strong foundations, as we did not want it to grow so fast that it is gone in a fort night, which sometimes happens. Be blessed. Cj

  13. Would like to have permission to post your blog on the Chapel Flock website, on the guest writers page….Kurt….

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  17. Very good post. We forget that unless the Lord build the house, they that work, labor in vein. I will keep this in my, not just in blogging, but in everything I do…

  18. Ok So what if I want to get traffic not to a christian blog, but to a christian project on kickstarter:

    How do I do it, when the simple tool of communication is not functioning; it’s like they play death ear to my appeal.

    I have this project, because I wrote a book; and being sincerely honest I don’t care if they all have in mind “oh it’s your first novel?”, “we don’t want to get involved here” “we wrote 10 books” full of crap I might say. Why aren’t Christians helping new born authors of their kind anymore. The Sea is to small for this big fishes? I believe the Sea will be always big enough for all.

    That being said: who want’s to see my project? Any Christians around here?!

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  20. I have a Christian blog It is very new I will be updating it everyday its going to go through a period that will lead up to my year of ministry and serving the lord. during that time I will not be working at all and living off my savings/ future ebooks
    check it out I am

  21. Excellent post! I was talking with a SEO consultant regarding a website that I was struggling with concerning driving traffic. I was very frustrated due to the fact that I’ve tried lot of steps, but the result didn’t come along as I expected it. Since the website was a ministry related site, He suggests me to both pray and fast so that God may give me an answer regarding what should I do. When He said that, I was struck by that. Because when we’re doing things, we have a tendency to rely much more on man-made tips instead of relying on the person of the Holy Spirit to guide us all throughout the process. From that point, I come to the realization that the best and the greatest internet marketer and SEO consultant is the Holy Spirit.

  22. It has been quite a challenge to get my Christian site going. But I haven’t given up because to me it is ministry! I will however, incorporate your suggestions, for a much needed shot in the arm. God bless you!P

  23. “But here’s the thing, none of it will bear fruit without the Holy Spirit. If you follow every scrap of advice there is on the internet, but have not the Holy Spirit, you are only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal!”

    That right there just humbled me… and put me back on my feet. In all of the huge world of running a Christian website, I forgot the One who it’s about. Thank you so much for this!!!

  24. This was timely advice for me to find! I occasionally pray for my Christian blog, but never considered asking for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as a growth strategy… thanks for reminding me that it should by my #1 blog growth strategy, because I shouldn’t even be writing this “Christian blog” without His hand in it!

  25. Years later I found this after despairing about my new blog not gaining traction. Recently I came off of an 11-month missions program called “The World Race” where you travel to 11 countries in 11 months to serve in any capacity needed. God really did a huge work in my life there, and even before I left, He said “When you return, strengthen your brothers.” So here I am, back in the states, and I felt led to start up the blog and start to get some of the things God has taught and is teaching out for others to benefit from. The only thing is, barely anyone is reading. I despair because it really takes time and effort to write these posts, and while I love to write, to think that 3 people will read (scan) it hurts my heart. Gut check: this is to honor the Lord; maybe those 3 people were exactly who he sent me for. Okay, breathe in, keep going. As I freaked out, I would always be reminded that God has this, and He can do greater things than I could with a 5 person media team and a $50,000 promotion budget. This post confirms that. Before I write, I will be more prayerful. As I look at my dismal numbers, I will pray that every one of them actually heard from the Lord and were encouraged to seek Him. Without Holy Spirit, it’s just words on a page. God forbid I work for mere words on a page. Thanks for the reminder; this is all about Him.

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