A Super Creative Way to Raise Prayer and Money For Anything You’re Passionate About

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Note: This is a guest post by Adam Coughlin.  You can find out more about Adam at the end of this article.

Growing up in our house in New Hampshire, faith was always a central focus in our lives. That faith was not relegated to an hour a week on Sunday. Instead it was constantly discussed, as if it was a tangible part of our existence.

That sort of philosophy – keeping God a part of your daily life – had a huge impression on us.

We’ve noticed that today people tend to compartmentalize their lives: they have their work life, their social life, their faith life and their online life. Often times, it seems like they are playing different characters within these lives – as if it is taboo to mention their faith at work or on a date.

We understand that there’s a separation of church and state but sometimes we read the headlines and have to ask ourselves: how’s that working out?

We don’t want that siloing to continue perpetuating online.

A Brief Family History

We’ve always been advocates for the power of technology and have always been natural entrepreneurs. I can remember my brother, Jamie, making pine cone wreaths and selling them at the local flower cart when he was nine years old.

That entrepreneurial spirit has guided us to the world of startups. We love innovation. But as we looked around at the faith world – a world we truly love – we noticed that innovation was missing. This was a scary proposition because it meant faith organizations risked losing access to the online generation.

Something needed to be done. We thought: why not us?

A Game Changer For Whatever Your Passionate About

You see, technology has changed the game. These days all you need is an idea, access to UPS and an Internet connection and you can change the world.

We set out to change the world. We set out to combine the connectivity of the Internet with the power of prayer.

We created PlusGrace.

At PlusGrace you can create two types of campaigns: you can raise prayers or you can raise prayers and money. These campaigns can support individuals, non-profits or even for-profit companies. Basically, if it is important to you, it is important to us.

Here are two examples:

1) You can ask for prayers – we can all use more prayer in our life.

An example: You wake up in the morning to discover a horrific fire killed hundreds of people in Brazil. You feel helpless and uncertain of what to do. Now you could start a campaign to raise prayers for all of those afflicted. As people of faith we know the impact such an organized effort can make.

2) You can ask for prayers and financial donations – one feeds the soul, the other the body. Best results are had when uploading a video that is trending about the subject that they can view here.

An example: You have decided to go on a mission trip to Africa and spread your faith. To do this you will need to raise money to cover the flight, housing and food.

But beyond your materialistic needs, you’ll need spiritual support. Going far from home can be scary, dangerous and lonely. Having friends and family send you their prayers can be just the grace that’s needed.

Social Media’s Role

Social media has connected the world. But many critics of the Web 2.0 generation think those connections are superfluous.

That might be true on the surface but we know first hand that people are looking for more.

They are craving substance.

We built a website where people create campaigns that can enact real change within their communities. We wanted to empower those people, which is why on PlusGrace you can raise money for faith-based initiatives.

But, while we believe that sometimes it takes money to make change, we also believe it takes faith. We believe in the power of prayer.

We believe that one prayer is as powerful as one dollar.

That is an incredibly powerful statement since it means that we all have something to give.

What PlusGrace Can Do For You

We believe there is a hunger to do good. Good becomes better when you raise money. It becomes best when you add prayer. We believe human beings are made up of bodies and souls so we wanted to ensure we fed both.

It’s great to be human. We think people forget that sometimes :-).

Having access to all the technology in the world doesn’t do us any good if we morph into cold, heartless machines. We’ve looked around at some of the behavior being displayed lately and think we’re in risk of that happening.

We want to reverse that course. We hope that what you discover at PlusGrace spills over offline.

Prayer isn’t a singular act but a perspective on life.  

We hope you take that perspective in everything that you do.We hope you Stay Human.

[notice type=”information” title=”About Adam Coughlin” tag=”h4″]Adam Coughlin is the co-founder of PlusGrace, the first online funding site that raises both money and prayers.  Follow him at: @plusgrace.[/notice]

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