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The Two Most Common Lies People Are Falling For

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What are the two most common lies that people fall for according to Francis Chan? I asked this question to the Not Ashamed of the Gospel community on Twitter on Tuesday and I got a whole bunch of responses. It was interesting that not a single person got one of them right. Francis Chan talks about what these two lies …

chicken vs champion

How to Get Rid of Your Inner Chicken in 2014

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Did you know that you have an inner chicken? Your inner chicken is that part of you that’s afraid of going on an adventure. Your inner chicken is that part of you that’s holding you back from going on a new journey. Your inner chicken is that part of you that’s prohibiting you from doing great things for God. This …

man sharing the gospel with woman

How to Share the Gospel with a Complete Stranger Without It Being Awkward

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Let’s face it, sharing the gospel with a complete stranger is awkward.  How do you start the conversation? Even if you start the conversation about something like the weather or if you just say ‘hi’, how are you going to change the conversation so you get the other person to think about their salvation? Well, by the grace of God …

How I Got Even With an Atheist

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Have you ever been attacked by someone for no good reason? I don’t mean attacked physically but through a person’s words or through their tone of voice? When you do, you almost always end up getting your feelings hurt. Additionally, if you’re not careful in the way you react, you can end up in a heated argument that will steal …

A Super Creative Way to Raise Prayer and Money For Anything You’re Passionate About

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Note: This is a guest post by Adam Coughlin.  You can find out more about Adam at the end of this article. Growing up in our house in New Hampshire, faith was always a central focus in our lives. That faith was not relegated to an hour a week on Sunday. Instead it was constantly discussed, as if it was …