7. How to Overcome the 2000 Follow Limit and Learn When to Unfollow Others

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Don’t miss the video tutorial in this step.

In addition to following people on Twitter, you also need to unfollow certain people.  In this section you’ll find out who those people are.

Also, depending on how many followers you have, you’ll eventually run into an obstacle once you’re following 2,000 people.  This obstacle will prevent you from following more people on Twitter

In this section, I’m going to show you how you can overcome this problem.

The Problem

Let’s say that you begin to follow people on Twitter, and some of those people begin to follow you back.

Once you begin following 2,000 people, and you try to follow some more, you’ll get an error message from Twitter telling you that you have hit a follow limit (i.e. you can’t follow any more people because of a Twitter limitation.)

To illustrate this problem further, let’s take a look at an example:

Let’s say you’re following 2,000 people on Twitter, and that you have 1,500 people following you.

The number of people that you’re following and the number of followers that you have is known as your following to follower ratio. This’ll will be an important definition for you to remember.

Once you’re following 2,000 people and the number of people who are following you is less than 2,000, then Twitter won’t allow you to follow any more people unless you do one of two things:

1) You unfollow some people until you have a higher number of followers than those that you are following. Or…

2) Somehow, people begin to follow you on Twitter, and the number of followers that you have becomes greater than the number of people that you’re following.

Most people who don’t know any better go for option 2.

Unfortunately in most cases, that’s the wrong option because it’ll take a long time for you to have a higher number of people following you than the number of people that you’re following.

That’s why its better for you to go with option number 1: unfollow some people.

But who are you supposed to unfollow?

The Answer to Who You’re Supposed to Unfollow

You should unfollow anyone that doesn’t follow you back.

In the example above, there are 500 people who are not following you back, and you need to start unfollowing all of them.

Once you start unfollowing those people, you’ll notice that you’re able to follow more accounts again on Twitter until you hit another limit.

Twitter does this because they want to prevent people from following 5,000 people and having only 100 followers. That’s why Twitter sets up limits as to the number of people who you can follow at a given time.

Twitter comes up with this limit by calculating your following to follower ratio. Nobody knows how Twitter determines the value of this ratio since they’ve purposely not made this information public.

That’s why I’ve created the table for you in step 6 which shows you how many people you can follow at different times.

I’ve come up with these numbers through my own personal experience, and from talking with others on Twitter about what has worked for them too.

The Best Free Unfollow Tool on the Internet

There are some great free tools that’ll unfollow those people that aren’t following you back.  I’ve made a video for you about the one that I think is the best. It will also save you a TON of time.

It’s called Manage Flitter.

Action Steps

In addition to following your target audience on Twitter, you also need to:

1.  Give people a 2 or 3 day period to follow you back.

2.  If they don’t follow you back, unfollow them using Manageflitter.

If you engage in this strategy, you’ll be able to add to your following hundreds of people on Twitter every single week.

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FAQ (also found at the end of the guide)

I recommend that you wait 2 days and no more than 3 before you unfollow someone.  That should give the other person plenty of time to follow you back.  Also, if they follow you back even after you unfollow them, the unfollow tool that you’re using should notify you that you need to reciprocate the follow.