6. Grow Your Following by Following Others & Auto-Following Back

Special Note
Don’t miss the video tutorial in this step.

You may already know that the Twitter community is very much about following people and having people follow you back.

The proof of this is that after you start following someone on Twitter, many will thank you for the follow or will give you a shout-out.

When you start following someone and they follow you back, that’s seen as a polite and friendly gesture.

In this section I’ll be explaining how you can use this to get you more Twitter followers.

Here’s What You Need To Do

If you want to get more Twitter followers, your goal is to find Twitter followers that’ll be interested in your tweets and to begin following them.

If you’ve made your Twitter profile look just right, and if you’ve got a great tweeting strategy, then people are going to follow you back once you’ve started to follow them.

In the Twitter world, this is what’s known as a reciprocal follow.

That means that you started to follow someone and they followed you back.

Note: There’s a right way and a wrong way to follow people as Twitter has put limits on the number of people who you can follow a day.

Please see the answer to the “aggressive following” FAQ for more information.

Who Will Follow You Back?

There are two types of people who’ll follow you back on Twitter after you’ve first started to follow them.

  • The first type is those people who automatically follow back everybody that begins to follow them regardless of whether they’re interested in their tweets or not. These people know that if they follow you back, you’re less likely to unfollow them in the future.
  • The second type of people who’ll follow back will be the ones that are genuinely interested in your tweets. These people are a gold mine because they are more likely to click on your links, visit your site, and re-tweet your tweets.

Your goal is to get as many of the second type of followers as possible and I’m going to show you how you can do this.

How to Maximize the Number of People Who’ll Follow You Back

Do all the steps in this guide to get the maximum number of Twitter followersIf you’ve completed all the other steps in this guide so far, then you’re going to maximize the number of people who’ll want to follow you back.


Because many people will visit your Twitter profile once you’ve started to follow them.

They’ll take a look at your picture, background, bio, and tweets.

The more polished your Twitter account looks, the more that people will want to follow you back.

Also, a polished profile will be great for people who find you on Twitter as they’ll start following you first.

How to Find the Right People to Follow

The people you want to begin following are those that you think will be interested in your tweets.

That’s why I asked you in step five to come up with a tweeting strategy and to identify your ideal follower.

Check out this 3-minute video:

Some Examples

  • So if you’re an Italian restaurant owner, you should be tweeting about Italian cuisine, and you’ll want to find Twitter followers that’ll be interested in food.
  • If you are a Christian blogger, you should be tweeting about Christian topics, and you’ll want to find Twitter followers that’ll be interested in your Christian tweets.
  • If you’re a social media expert, then your tweets should be about social media networks, and you should find followers who are interested in social media.

Don’t Get Your Account Suspended

Here's how to make sure you're account doesn't get suspended

Please note that this guide is well within the limits that Twitter sets on how many people you can follow or unfollow at a time.

However if you’re not careful, you can unknowingly abuse these limits and you can get your account suspended.

Twitter will suspend your account if they think that you’re “aggressively following” others.

It’s easy to follow too many people at a time because following others is such an effective way to get more Twitter followers.

Please note that this guide doesn’t encourage you to do any kind of aggressive following.  

That’s why I share with you the limits of how many people you should follow a day so that you’re not considered an “aggressive follower”.

Please see the FAQ section below for more information.

Here Are Your Limits

I’ve created a table to show you how many people you can follow a day.  If you stick to these numbers, you’re Twitter account will be in good standing.

No. of Followers You Have      How Many Follows to Complete a Day
Less than 100                                                                               50
Between 101 & 200                                                                       65
Between 201 & 300                                                                       75
Between 301 & 500                                                                       100
Between 501 & 1000                                                                     125
Between 1001 & 2000                                                                   150

Once you’ve got 2000 followers, Twitter will begin limiting the number of people who you can follow.

At that point, you’re not at risk of getting your account suspended and you’ll learn more about this in step 7.

Important Info.
If the number of people you’re following is way more than the number of followers, you risk the chance of getting your account suspended. So don’t forget to unfollow the people on Twitter that aren’t following you back every day or every other day. See step 7 before you begin following others on Twitter.

Auto-Following Back Those That Begin to Follow You First

Additionally, you’ll want to keep the people who begin to follow you first on Twitter as followers by following them back.

If you don’t, then there’s a good chance that those people will unfollow you because you didn’t reciprocate the follow.

There are two ways to do this:

Method 1:  Use a free service like ManageFlitter (affiliate link) to follow back people once every day or every other day.

ManageFlitter has both free and paid accounts.

They are unique because they offer a remote management service where they can click on your behalf.

This type of service is allowed by Twitter.

Method 2:  Social Oomph is another great service that can help you with following and unfollowing people on Twitter (affiliate link).

Action Steps

  1. Begin following your target audience that you’ve identified in step 5.
  2. Make sure that you’re following the follow limits in the table above.
  3. Follow back everyone that begins to follow you either manually or automatically.

Once you’re done, check out the FAQ’s below then go to step 7.

Please don’t begin following people until you’ve fully read step 7.  Both steps 6 and 7 go hand-in-hand.

Go to Step 7


FAQ (also found at the end of the guide)

Aggressive following on Twitter is when someone follows hundreds of others indiscriminately. Twitter sets limitations to the number of people that you can follow to 1,000 people a day.

Additionally, if you’re Twitter account has a disproportionate following-to-follower ratio, then Twitter will suspend your account temporarily and then re-instate it.  For example, if you’re following 400 people and you only have 35 people following you, Twitter sees that as aggressive following and they’ll suspend your account.

Don’t worry if your account gets suspended, its only temporary.  Twitter is very gracious and this is their way of telling you that you need to stay within their limits. Twitter doesn’t advertise what the following-to-follower ratio is but they’ll let you know if you cross the line. Please visit step 7 for more information.