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Do You Face Discouragement When Sharing the Gospel? Then Watch This Video

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Last week I shared with you how to overcome excuses that prevent you from sharing the gospel.

This week, I’m sharing with you a video that helps you fight discouragement when you are actually sharing the gospel.

If you’ve ever shared your faith with someone and it didn’t go as planned, then you probably felt like a failure or you felt discouraged.

Just the other day I was passing a gospel tract at a McDonald’s drive thru to the cashier and the cashier said that she didn’t want one.

It took me by surprise because up until then, I had always given out gospel tracts when I drove through fast food drive thru’s.

So after the cashier turned my gospel tract down, I felt rejected.  It just hurt and I took it personally which I shouldn’t have done.

As a result, I haven’t passed out gospel tracts in fast food drive thrus for the past few weeks and I’m convicted that I need to get back on track.

Discouragement is Natural When Sharing the Gospel But Here’s How to Overcome

When you share your faith, things aren’t always going to go as planned and people aren’t always going to receive you well.

So should you give up?  Should you stop sharing the most important news the world has ever seen?

No way!

Instead, you should watch this 2-minute video from our friends over at Living Waters, which includes Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.


So remember, when you feel discouraged and the enemy is condemning you…(see picture below)


you may have sin but God has grace


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