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If God Wrote You a Message in the Clouds, Would You Believe in Him?

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Imagine you’re walking down the street with a group of your friends.

You’re hanging out, laughing, and having a good conversation.

It’s a sunny day, the sky is blue, and people all around you are going about their business.

Group of people pointing to skyAll of a sudden, one of your friends points to the sky and says, “Oh my God!”

You look up and you’re astounded. You can’t believe your eyes!

You see that the clouds have gotten together and have formed two sentences.

The words formed by the clouds say, “Hello children, it’s Me, God. Believe.”

If you saw this message in the clouds, would it cause you to believe in a loving God?

If you already believe in God, would it strengthen your faith?

If some of your friends didn’t believe in God, do you think that all of them would become believers after seeing the words in the clouds?

The Significance of the Message in the Clouds Question

Sometimes when I talk to people about God, they’ll share with me all the reasons why they don’t believe.

Sometimes they give me suggestions as to the things that God can do to turn them into believers.

They’ll say something like, “Peter, I wish God would reveal Himself to me.  I wish that God would just pop His head out of the sky, and tell me that He’s real.  If He did that, then I would TOTALLY believe in Him.”

Is that true? Is that all that it would take to turn a skeptic into a believer?

If that were true, don’t you think that a loving God would be writing in the sky everyday, converting doubting skeptics into raving fans?

Let’s dig a little further.

Would The Writing in the Clouds Cause All Skeptics to Believe in God?

My opinion is that if all skeptics saw the message in the clouds, that it wouldn’t cause all of them to become believers in God.

Why is that?

I predict that this is what would happen:

After seeing the cloud message, some skeptics will begin to take their search for a loving God more seriously.

They’ll begin reading books about God or, they’ll start engaging in conversations with others about the subject to confirm their hunch.

But, there’ll always be a group of people who won’t be convinced by the evidence.

They’ll try to explain away the message in the clouds by coming up with other possibilities.

“Maybe one of those airplanes that’s able to write words in the sky with smoke created that message,” they would say.

“Maybe aliens from outer space came and left this message, and they have a reason behind why they wrote that.”

“Or maybe this is a trick created by a group of religious fanatics who want as many people as possible to believe in their God.”

It doesn’t matter what evidence is observed, there’ll always be some skeptics who’ll be unconvinced that God is real.

Seeing is not always believing


Will Believer’s Faith Be Strengthened?

I think yes, believer’s faith in God will be strengthened by such a message.

The only problem with our hypothetical scenario is that we don’t know which God left the message in the sky.

Is it the Christian God, the Muslim God, or is it Buddha?

And here lies the problem with people saying that they wish God would reveal Himself to them in some fashion.

How would they know which God is responsible for the writing in the clouds?

I suppose they would want God to add a P.S. to the message in the clouds:

“P.S. – This is the God of the Bible in case you were wondering.”

The Problem With the Writing in the Sky and it’s Solution

The problem with the writing in the sky objection to not believing in God is that every non-believer wants a different kind of sign.

I’ve talked to plenty of people who’ve told me that they wished God would give them a sign that He’s real.

When I ask them what that sign would look like, I get different answers like:

  • Writing in the sky
  • Appear in some form
  • Talking in a loud and recognizable voice
  • And many other signs

But the thing is that our loving God has already revealed Himself in two ways:

1. Creation

There’s a verse in Romans 1 that shows us that God has revealed Himself through creation.

For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see His invisible qualities, His eternal power, and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.

-Romans 1:20 NLT

You don’t have to be a genius to take a look at the world around you to see that it was created by an amazing God, who’s absolutely brilliant.

By the way, evolution doesn’t explain how the universe came to exist, even though teachers and professors try to use it to do away with God.

2. Conscience

God has written His law, or commandments, in everyone’s heart.

This is also known as our conscience.

In this verse, the word Gentiles is just another word for anyone that isn’t of Jewish descent.

Even Gentiles, who do not have God’s written law, show that they know His law when they instinctively obey it, even without having heard it. They demonstrate that God’s law is written in their hearts, for their own conscience and thoughts either accuse them or tell them they are doing right.

-Romans 2:14-15

The fact that we all have a conscience is proof that there is Someone who has set the standard as to what is right or wrong.

This doesn’t mean that we all believe in the same standard or, that we all obey our conscience.

Some believe it’s ok to kill in certain cases, while others believe it’s ok to steal under certain conditions.

Nonetheless, we all have the same starting point when we come into the world.

We’re all born with a conscience, and that conscience is from God.

You can come to God with your doubts and He'll help you to believe


The Bottom Line About God Revealing Himself

If God were to somehow create a universal sign to try to convince the world that He exists, would it cause everyone to believe?

I believe the answer is no.

There will always be skeptics (I used to be one), who won’t believe, and who’ll give an alternate excuse for the evidence for God being real.

I believe that this is just another excuse that skeptics give for not believing in God, because the Bible says:

“And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”

-John 3:19 NKJV

I believe that subconsciously, people choose not to believe in God so that they can make up their own rules to live by.

They don’t want to be accountable to God, and they just want to be accountable to themselves.

How about you?  If God wrote a message in the clouds to the world, how would you react?

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  1. Gr8 post, Peter. Totally agree. God has already given us a message of His existence and you quoted from it. Just look around at His creation and you can see the handiwork of the Creator.

      1. I’ve learned over the years that my gifting is more as a discipler than an evangelist. Usually, when I do attempt to share the Good News the response is “I’m not into religion.” When I say I’m not either, “I’m talking about a relationship” I seem to lose them. I need a new approach.

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    1. One day I was praying to God and I asked God to give me an clear answer as though writing it with pen on paper. I wanted God to give me an answer so that I will know for sure that it is God’s work happening in my life and that everything my family and I have experienced is from God alone. Well I sat crying to God for God alone can do the things that happened and I needed to be 100 percent sure. Well God gave me an answer in the clouds as I turned around and looked up and the answer was Yes written so clear in the clouds I actually asked my husband if he saw what I saw just to be sure and he read to me Yes. I believe God uses His creation to communicate. Like if you pray to God and want confirmation of things God gives you like a message for example and you ask God for a shooting star and you see a shooting star you should know without a doubt it is God. God’s time is near and if you need God to give you a sign to confirm this may He. We need to take more time to really understand how God works for He works in mysterious ways!!!

  3. I found this article very interesting because it hit home for me.
    I was browsing the web for anyone who has had a similar occurrence to me and stumbled on this article.
    Few year ago I was in a very bad place and at around 1-2 am I decided to take a walk to clear my head (With my now wife) we got to the middle of a park which was special to us and in my despair I looked at the sky and cried out Father, felling lost and disappointed with my life.

    At that very moment the word “HI” appeared on the sky right above us, It’s not that it looked like it said HI, it was perfectly spelled out in capitals, I could not believe my eyes, I asked my wife to look up and she went pale, I thought I may be imagining this and asked her to tell me what she saw, of course she replied “HI” it clearly says “HI”, it was a clear sky with only these 2 clouds forming the word.

    We started walking home and the cloud followed us all the way home, as we were about to walk in the words started to loose form and disappear.

    It is something we talk about all the time although it was many years ago, I was already a believer, but it did make me feel the unconditional Love God has for me (I know I am a sinner and have done terrible things I am deeply ashamed of).

    I don’t know why God decided to perform such a great sign for us, perhaps he simply wanted to lift my spirit.

    Some will have their opinions over my experience, but it is the utmost of a truth.

    Anyway, my God bless all.

  4. All thanks be to God that I have found you here, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. I have long been searching for people whom the Lord speaks through the clouds. It’s past 1:00 am here in Oman; I need to sleep but I would rather share with you my experience with the Lord.

    It was Sabbath, the 25th of November 2017 before 8:00 am, I noticed that the sky was void of clouds. I felt some longing from within so I told God,”I miss your clouds, Lord.” I started wiping the windows in my flat. While washing the rag, He let me see two separate clouds: HI. This made me think of my earthly father but he never greeted me “Hi.” I couldn’t believe that God would greet me HI considering Him as my Father in heaven. Wondering about the HI, I told God, “People will say I’m crazy if I’ll tell them You greeted me with HI.”

    After a while, I sat on the chair in my bedroom then the Lord let me looked up the sky again. This time, He gave me a very big cloud and to my big surprise HI was in it!

    While pondering on God’s HI to me, I stepped in the other room and there I saw through the windows the F-cloud. Spirit-to-spirit, the word Friend came to my mind. At once I searched the Bible and I got this verse:

    “You are my friends if you do whatever I command you. No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you. You did not choose Me but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My Name He may give you.” (John 15:14-16)

    I still have many experiences that I will share with you. As for now, I can sleep with smile because the Lord has guided me to be with you in this site and yes, I am not ashamed of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless us all. Thank You, Holy Spirit!

  5. MY brother and sister and I, were caring for our mother. She was in hospice care in her home. It was my turn to be with her. She was sleeping mostly at this time. not eating. I went out side to have a cigarette, and was looking up at the sky. A cloud was starting to form, in the clear blue sky. one word “beyound” I had never seen a word in a cloud before . I knew, then, it was a message. My mom would be ok. She passed away, a week later. I knew she was in God’s hand.

  6. Dear Sis. Angie, Bro. Antonio and Sis. Diane, do you still receive messages from our Lord God Almighty through clouds? I still do. Please let us work together and let people know about this special communication we have with our Father to encourage them to grow deeper into knowing Him and go higher with Him in the spiritual realm. God bless us all through Jesus Christ. Amen!

  7. Last year while I was working on a gas n oil pad,something caught my eye. The words “God 92138” were written very neatly in the sky. I was shocked so I grabbed my phone and took a picture. I snapped the photo half way through the letters collapsing in on their self . To the right of what I saw were more letters written in a language I didn’t understand. To this day I still don’t understand the message. As for my religious views, I’ve always believed in god. I’m not a Christian,Jew, or Muslim. I don’t follow organized religion but I’ve read almost every book on the subject. I avoid church because people place Jesus above god which violates the 1st commandment. I’ve always been real religious but none of the popular religions felt right to me.

    1. Normally I would’ve kept this to myself so people don’t think I’m loosing my mind. I reached out to see if anyone here understood the message because I did not.

      1. This Word of the Lord was given to Propher Albert Milton in a dream the Lord gave him exclusively, but as you can see, some churches post these prophecies as their own, which is stealing what God gave his Prophet.
        These people who steal a word from God’s prophets may find themselves in trouble with God!

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