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1 Million People Will Fill the National Mall to Do This For Jesus on July 16

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You’ve got corrupt politicians, real people losing jobs, and health care getting worse and worse.

The problems in our country and in our world are endless.

And the solutions that the world gives you to these problems are just plain dreadful.

They want you to believe that the solution is in better politicians, a healthier economy, and the privatization of health care.

NO, NO, NO….(I’m not shouting but just shaking my head like someone who’s about to get a shot from a nurse)

So What’s the Answer?

Jesus is – the name above all names!

Jesus prince of peace

The answer to the world's problems isn't peace, the answer is Jesus, the Prince of Peace Click To Tweet

If people would become born again, then the world’s problems would go away.

And that is what Reset 2016 is all about.

It’s an event happening¬†on July 16, 2016, in Washington DC.

It will be a gathering of 1 million people who’ll be standing for Jesus.

Watch the 1-minute video.

Then click on the button below to visit the Reset 2016 website to learn more about the event.

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Visit the Reset 2016 Website

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