The amazing and fruitful way to share the gospel like Billy Graham

The Amazing and Fruitful Way to Share the Gospel Like Billy Graham

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Have you ever gotten into a heated debate with a friend or family member?

Arguments during spiritual conversations often lead to nowhere.

You know the kind. It was probably about something that you genuinely believed in, or something that was important to you.

What did it feel like right after you finished making your best points?

Your relationship with your friend or family member felt awkward, right?

Sometimes we can do the same thing when it comes to witnessing to others and telling them about Jesus.

We get into these heated discussions and debates. We think these conversations are fruitful, but they’re not.

That’s not what the Bible tells us to do, and that’s not how Billy Graham would witness to someone either.

Lost People Matter to God

How Would Billy Graham Share the Gospel One-On-One?

I believe he’d use the method that I share in this video.

Check it out.


When you’re trying to share your faith with someone, be careful of topics that can steer you away from your goal.

Some of these topics can be subjects like evolution, the Crusades, or how the Bible has supposed errors in it.

Each person that you talk to is probably going to share their reason for why they don’t believe in the Christian God.

It’s important that you answer their objections.

However, if you talk about these topics for a long time, then you won’t reach your goal of sharing the gospel or sharing your testimony.

So answer other people’s objections. But just make sure that you always go back to either sharing the gospel or sharing your story.

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The Best Way to Love Someone is to Tell Them About Jesus

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