How to solve the friendship evangelism problem

Do you Know the Solution to the Problem of Friendship Evangelism?

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For years, I sat in the pew of my church and I heard message after message about how I should share the gospel.

I felt convicted by the messages, and I always wanted to do something about it.

For the longest time, I did my best to engage in sharing my faith at work.

Quite frankly I was scared, so I used friendship evangelism as my strategy for sharing my faith.

For the longest time, I wasn’t able to figure out how to effectively share my faith with others, and how to overcome my fear.

never let your fear be greater than your faith

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It wasn’t until I came across a specific teaching that I finally got the help that I needed to overcome my fear of sharing my faith.

I no longer had to use friendship evangelism as the primary method for sharing my faith. I began to share Jesus with complete strangers on the street.

However, many of us still have this problem of being afraid of sharing our faith.

We’re afraid of starting spiritual conversations with people because we don’t know how they’ll react.

Or sometimes we’re afraid because were not sure about how to share the gospel.

The result is that we end up becoming friends with people, and we never strike up a conversation to get them to think about where they will spend eternity.

Not Having Spiritual Conversations With Unbelievers is a Big Mistake

The consequences of ignoring the spiritual needs of your unbelieving family, friends, or coworkers are huge.

1.  Consequence #1 – Every day they spend away from God is a day that’s wasted.

2.  Consequence #2 – You’re missing out on being obedient to God’s Great Commission.

3.  Consequence #3 – You won’t overcome your fear of sharing your faith which will affect your rewards in heaven.

In this week’s video, I give you the solution to what you should be doing instead.

There are many benefits to following the advice in the video.

1.  Benefit #1 – You’ll be planting gospel seeds in unbeliever’s hearts.

2.  Benefit #2 – God will use you to bring people to Christ.

3.  Benefit #3 – You’ll feel amazing when you know you are obedient to God command to share the gospel.

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In an upcoming video, I’ll be giving you some questions that you can ask someone to start a spiritual conversation with them.

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Overcome My Fear of Sharing My Faith



following jesus isn't an easy road but it's the only road with following

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How to solve the friendship evangelism problem

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