6 Powerful Evangelism Styles That Will Boost Your Confidence

6 Powerful Evangelism Styles That Will Boost Your Confidence

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Don’t miss the video from Lee Strobel towards the end of this blog post.

You’re sitting where you usually sit in your church.

You just finished singing worship songs, and you’re getting ready to listen to your pastor’s message.

You tune in attentively, and you hope that today’s message is going to be something good.

After hearing a few minutes of your pastor’s sermon, you begin to lose hope.

It’s a message about evangelism, and about how you need to share your faith with the lost.

“Yeah right, I get it,” you say to yourself.

But why is it then that you don’t share your faith very often?

Sharing your faith is a lifestyle

It Might Not Be Your Fault

The obstacle that’s keeping you from sharing your faith regularly might be that you don’t know what your personal evangelism style is.

I didn’t even know that there were six evangelism styles that Christians have until I watched this video on Chris Walker’s Evangelism Coach website.

Part of the problem is that some pastors and evangelists teach a particular method when it comes to sharing their faith.

I’m guilty of this because I am partial to Living Waters’ Way of the Master method of sharing Christ.

I know it’s not for everybody. But using God’s law to get people convicted of their sin is both biblical and powerful.

It’s brought me a lot of great results.

So if that’s not your personal evangelism style, you can now find out what yours is by watching the video below.

But first, I want to share with you why it’s important to find out what your personal evangelism style is.

You’ll Lose if You Don’t Find Your Personal Evangelism Style

Recently, I went on a low-carb diet in which I cut out carbs like bread and pastas. I also increased eating proteins like chicken and beef.

I lost 29 lbs, and I was very happy with the results. Until I went to my doctor.

I had my annual checkup, and I was surprised to find out that my cholesterol increased to 218.

It had gone up significantly compared to the previous years.

The mistake I was making was that I was eating too much red meat.

I decided to cut out most beef out of my diet, and I’m due for another checkup in a few months.

After leaving the doctor’s office and finding out that my cholesterol went up, I sat back, and I thought to myself one thing.

“I wish I would have known that eating too much red meat was going to increase my cholesterol so much.”

Similarly, not knowing your personal evangelism style is going to leave you saying the same thing.

“I wish I would have known my personal evangelism style. Maybe I’d be better at sharing my faith by now.”

You never have to live a life of regrets when you live with Christ

The 6 Evangelism Styles

So here is the video that I’ve been telling you about.

It’s by Lee Strobel and is fairly short.

Check it out.


Which One of These is Your Personal Evangelism Style?

I took down some notes, and I found out that there are six evangelism styles according to the video:

1.  Direct
2.  Intellectual
3.  Testimonial
4.  Serving
5.  Relational
6.  Invitational

Which one are you?


Theres no joy like the joy of seeing someone get saved

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6 Powerful Evangelism Styles That Will Boost Your Confidence

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  1. Good post, Peter. I’ve always been drawn the man born blind, so I guess my style is testimonial as I know my own story better than any other style. I do like the material from Evangelism Explosion or using witness beads as well.

    1. Thanks so much Don for sharing your personal evangelism style. I should have known that yours would be testimonial, it makes total sense!

      I’ve never heard of witnessing beads before. Would you be able to share a link to what those are for the whole Not Ashamed of the Gospel community to check out?

  2. Thanks very much sir. May God continue to increase and give you Divine direction. Amen! But i need to be hearing from God because it would be difficult to make it alone through this strange world but my sins are hinderance to me.

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  3. I have a page on Facebook call “SAVE THE LOST SOULS” I will like you men of God to visit that page and contribute in saving souls for the kingdom of God. God bless you all for doing the work of God. Amen ???

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