How Excuses Are Holding Back Your Evangelism: 7 Tips to Help You Overcome

Peter Guirguis Evangelism 4 Comments

If I had a nickel for every time I wanted to share the gospel with someone but didn’t, I probably would have $5,643. Seriously though, I’ve shared with you before what a chicken I am when it comes to sharing my faith with both strangers and family members. But nevertheless, I’m committed to becoming a better evangelist every day. So …


18 Expert Twitter Tips That Make Your Tweets Go Viral

Peter Guirguis Twitter 16 Comments

We’ve taken a break from our series on Twitter for the last couple of weeks but today, we’re jumping back in with a BAM! If you’re serious about getting thousands of Twitter followers and getting retweets, then you’re going to need to know things like how to write great tweets or how to tweet at the best times when your followers are online, You’ll …