questions that leave a mark

10 Questions to Ask Someone to Get Them to Talk About Eternity

Peter Guirguis Online Evangelism 15 Comments

Are there times in your life when you wished you had shared the gospel with someone but you didn’t? You regretted it later, right? Many times God puts people in our lives so that we can influence them for Christ. Unfortunately, sometimes we pass up opportunities to plant seeds in people who have yet to believe in Jesus. A Missed …

questions that leave a mark
warning Jesus Christ

Warning: Entering Eternity Without Putting on the Lord Jesus Christ is Dangerous to Your Future

Peter Guirguis Online Evangelism 6 Comments

Have you ever had a warning sign right in front of you and you just ignored it?  Maybe it was a speed limit sign, you chose to ignore it, and you ended up getting a ticket. Or maybe someone told you not to go out with that guy or gal but you did it anyways, and you ended up in a …

warning Jesus Christ

How to Use Buffer App to Share Jesus Online While You’re Sleeping

Peter Guirguis Social Media, Twitter 4 Comments

Have you ever wanted to use social media to share Jesus with others? Are you someone who sees Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as an outlet to tell others that Jesus can change their life? Whether you feel that way now or  even if you’ve never given it much thought, I’d like to encourage you to keep reading because there is something …

What Every Christian Ought to Know About This Up and Coming Ministry

Peter Guirguis Sharing Christ 2 Comments

Imagine you lived in a family that forced you to believe in a certain religion. Imagine you lived in a country that put you in jail if you changed your beliefs to something other than the national religion. Imagine a place where you’re given a different color identification card so that authorities can quickly identify what religion you are when …