Trusting God when you don't feel like it means you're putting your faith where your heart is

4 Reasons to Use Instapray to Ask For a Prayer For Healing or Encouragement

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The other day an acquaintance friend of mine asked me for prayer on Twitter. I’ll call her Lisa. Lisa was struggling with depression because she’s been looking for a job for a long time, but she still hadn’t found one yet. I reassured her that God had the perfect job for her, and I prayed for her right on the spot. Sometimes, you’re …

Are You Making This Mistake in Your Prayer Life?

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I know that when I begin praying, I’m supposed to start by thanking God for who He is.  I’m supposed to come to Him with a humble attitude and acknowledging what a great God He is. But there are times when I’m so overwhelmed with something that’s going on in my life, where thankfulness and acknowledging how great He is go straight out the …

A Super Creative Way to Raise Prayer and Money For Anything You’re Passionate About

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Note: This is a guest post by Adam Coughlin.  You can find out more about Adam at the end of this article. Growing up in our house in New Hampshire, faith was always a central focus in our lives. That faith was not relegated to an hour a week on Sunday. Instead it was constantly discussed, as if it was …