Audacity movie about homosexuality

3 Wonderful Reasons Why You Should Watch This Free Christian Movie About Homosexuality Now

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Shouldn’t same-sex couples who love each other be able to get married?

Aren’t Christians being hateful by taking a stance against homosexuality?

Isn’t it better for a gay couple to adopt a child than to leave him or her in a foster home or an orphanage?

Check out this movie if you want to find out the answer to these questions about homosexuality and gay marriage.

Audacity movie about homosexuality

The #1 Movie in America That’s Changing The Minds of People About Abortion

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The other day I was at a birthday party hanging out with my roommate from college, his wife, and his 1-year-old baby. I don’t know how we got on the subject but we started talking about abortions. Ultimately it came down to the age-old question: Are you pro-choice or are you pro-life? My friend and his wife are pro-choice (by …