How to Share Your Faith Even If You're Busy, Scared, Or Don't Know How

How to Share Your Faith Even If You’re Busy, Scared, Or Don’t Know How

Peter Guirguis Online Evangelism 3 Comments

There’s now an easy and effective way to share your faith with others even if you’re busy, scared, or don’t know how.

I’ve created a free resource for Christians to help them share Jesus online. Download the free resource by visiting this blog post.

The #1 Movie in America That’s Changing The Minds of People About Abortion

Peter Guirguis controversial, Video 35 Comments

The other day I was at a birthday party hanging out with my roommate from college, his wife, and his 1-year-old baby. I don’t know how we got on the subject but we started talking about abortions. Ultimately it came down to the age-old question: Are you pro-choice or are you pro-life? My friend and his wife are pro-choice (by …