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How to Evangelize to Others Even After You’re Dead by Using IFTTT

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Whether you’re using social networks to share Christ with others or if you’re doing it for your business or ministry, you know that it can take a long time to post updates. Especially if you want to take advantage of social networks that can get you lots of exposure like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+.

The Secret to Killing Selfishness Once and For All

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Do you ever find yourself struggling to follow certain instructions found in the Bible?  You know, maybe some parts of the Bible are easier to do than others? One thing that I find myself struggling with from time to time is the instruction given to us by the apostle Paul in Philippians: “Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, …

How to Use Buffer App to Share Jesus Online While You’re Sleeping

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Have you ever wanted to use social media to share Jesus with others? Are you someone who sees Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as an outlet to tell others that Jesus can change their life? Whether you feel that way now or  even if you’ve never given it much thought, I’d like to encourage you to keep reading because there is something …

This is Why Jesus Is the Only Way, the Only Truth, and the Only Life

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[video_skin style=”3″ title=”Watch this video…” tag=”h2″ player=”youtube” video_id=”5WCTltHR-Hg” controls=”yes” width=”450″ height=”340″] If you’re not a Christian, you might think that Christianity is just like any other religion.  You might think that religion is a bunch of rules created by people to keep society under control. “All religions are alike,” you might say. But if you ask the Christian, we would tell …

This Video Will Have You Thanking Jesus For Changing Your Life [guaranteed]

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Ahh, the power of the cross 😀 . It’s changed your life, it’s changed mine. Can words really express the change that God has made in our lives? Maybe a video can do it better and I think this one does a FANTASTIC job. We were dirty rotten sinners, in need of a Savior, and now we are trophies of …

What Every Christian Ought to Know About This Up and Coming Ministry

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Imagine you lived in a family that forced you to believe in a certain religion. Imagine you lived in a country that put you in jail if you changed your beliefs to something other than the national religion. Imagine a place where you’re given a different color identification card so that authorities can quickly identify what religion you are when …