Would you want to know if heaven is real?

Would You Want to Know if Heaven is Real?

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Thought having doubts if heaven is real meant you had to suffer worry and anxiety? Not anymore.

There are people who have near-death experiences. They claim to have gone to heaven and come back.

Are they telling the truth? One scientist with a Ph.D. set out to find the truth.

Here’s what he found while conducting his research.

who can go to heaven

Heaven: Do Good People of Different Faiths Go There?

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PDF Version:  If you’d like a PDF version of this blog post emailed to you for free, then click here. Do you believe, or know someone who believes that all good people regardless of their faith will go to heaven? This belief is becoming more popular these days, and there’s a problem with it, as I share with you this …

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3 Life Lessons From a Man Who Survived a Plane Crash

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PDF Version:  If you’d like the PDF version of this blog post emailed to you for free, then click the PDF icon below. Ric Elias was on a plane leaving New York, and heading to his destination. That day, he had a special seat on the airplane. From seat 1D, he could see straight to the flight attendants. A few minutes …