How Michael Franzese Went From Mafia Boss to Carrying the Cross

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Michael Franzese was once known as a young, rich, and powerful Mafia boss.  He was once captain of the Colombo family, a family known for it’s ties to the mob. A movie telling Michael’s story is going to be coming out at the end of the month. As I watched the trailer for the movie, I was intrigued by Michael’s story. …

Believe in God for the Scripture says

Why You Should Believe in God

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About This Article:  This is a guest post by Greg Holt.  Learn more about Greg, and get encouraging updates by following him on Twitter. PDF Version: If you’d like a PDF version of this blog post delivered to your email inbox for free, then click here. Why should anyone believe in God? Are there really any good reasons to? I think the …

Does God exist? This is proof that God exists

This is the Best Proof that God Exists (in My Opinion)

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If you’d like a PDF copy of this blog post delivered to your email inbox, click here. What is the best proof that God exists? For hundreds of years, people from all walks of life have debated whether God exists, or if He’s just a fictional character. I used to think that God existed, then I changed my mind to …

why does God allow pain and suffering

Why Does God Allow Suffering? (video)

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Last week I got goosebumps as I heard one of the pastors share some hard to swallow news. “Tom went home to be with the Lord today,” Pastor Rob announced.  “He was pinned by a truck while driving his motorcycle. “He leaves behind his wife and his 9-year-old daughter.  He was just 47 years old.” The room filled with church …

Overwhelmed by God Steve Mays

Enter the Overwhelmed by God Book Giveaway, It’s Free

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I’m excited to share with you this book that my pastor, Steve Mays, just published.  It’s called Overwhelmed by God and Not Your Troubles. I’ve already finished reading it and boy is it good! I’ve recorded a short video to tell you more about the book below. I’m giving away one free copy of the book.  All you have to …

what tomorrow holds

The Secret to Having a Good Day Even When It’s a Bad Day [video]

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Do you have a daily routine that you follow? You know, you wake up, spend some time under that dual shower head, eat breakfast, go to work, come back home, eat dinner, watch TV, and then sleep. Maybe your daily routine looks like this or maybe it varies slightly. You probably have a different routine on the weekend too. The …