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How to Get More Followers on Twitter by Using ManageFlitter [video]

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If you want to get more followers on Twitter but don’t know how, then this article is for you. Many of us struggle with getting more followers on Twitter because we aren’t celebrities or have an established business that has a large following. This was the problem that I faced when I first joined Twitter.  I saw people gaining thousands …

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How to Have More Followers on Twitter Than People You’re Following

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A question I often get asked by those who are following the steps in the guide to getting thousands of followers is, “How can I have more people following me than I’m following?” In other words, “How can I get the number in green to be bigger than the number in red?” Please see the image below.

How to Use ManageFlitter’s Hidden Gem to Bulk Follow People on Twitter

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[highlights color=”yellow”]Please note that there is an updated version of this article since ManageFlitter has changed the way it works in September of 2013.  You can find the updated version of this article along with a video by clicking here.[/highlights]   If you want to get more Twitter followers, there are certain things that you have to do to make …

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Give Me 30 Days and I’ll Give You 1328 Twitter Followers or 858!

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]The advantages of having thousands of Twitter followers are many.  You can send traffic back to your blog, share with people your latest book, product, or my personal favorite, share Jesus online with others. But there are a few problems that stand in the way of you getting those thousands of followers. You and I aren’t celebrities so people …