don't be a chicken when sharing jesus

How to Overcome Being a Chicken When it Comes to Sharing Your Faith

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There I was sitting nervously with my knee shaking up and down, with my heart beating a thousand beats a minute, and with my sweaty palms bleeding water. My mind was thinking about all the different outcomes that could result from what I was about to do. I had walked into Denny’s planning on having a peaceful dinner so that …

Great Insight: God Has a Love Language and It’s Probably Not What You Think

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Note:  This is a guest post by Kurt Bennett.  You can learn more about Kurt in the author bio section at the end of this post. I was inspired by the recent Harvest America evangelical events held in two stadiums in Southern California, and streamed over the internet to hundreds of venues across the United States. When I first heard …

I have a new heart for evangelism

A Heart for Evangelism

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This is a post by Klaus Brune who is a member of the TechServants ministry.  Klaus is a Christian web developer and is the founder of  You can follow him on Twitter here. I took a test recently that’s supposed to show people what their spiritual gifts are. I thought mine might have been giving. Or teaching. According to …

One Sure Way to Get Some People to Believe in Jesus

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If you’re visiting this blog, then you’re probably both a Jesus-lover and someone who likes to see people getting saved. That’s awesome, because you’re in good company in this online community here at Not Ashamed of the Gospel :-). As a Jesus-lover like you, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about how we can do our part in …