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3 Life Lessons From a Man Who Survived a Plane Crash

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PDF Version:  If you’d like the PDF version of this blog post emailed to you for free, then click the PDF icon below. Ric Elias was on a plane leaving New York, and heading to his destination. That day, he had a special seat on the airplane. From seat 1D, he could see straight to the flight attendants. A few minutes …

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The Myth of You Can’t be a Serious Scientist and a Christian Debunked [video]

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Some atheists would have you believe that you can’t be a serious scientist and a Christian at the same time. These are the same people who paint the Bible as if it’s something that is for those who believe in fairy tales. “If you believe in the Bible then obviously you are either not well-educated, you can’t think for yourself, …

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Are Scientology and Christianity Closely Related?

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*This is a guest post and we’ll be resuming our online evangelism series next week. Scientology started through the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard.  Scientology is a very strict and expensive religion that punishes those who try to leave the teachings and membership of the religion. Because the religion has a lot of great expenses, you will note that only the wealthy …

This is Why Jesus Is the Only Way, the Only Truth, and the Only Life

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[video_skin style=”3″ title=”Watch this video…” tag=”h2″ player=”youtube” video_id=”5WCTltHR-Hg” controls=”yes” width=”450″ height=”340″] If you’re not a Christian, you might think that Christianity is just like any other religion.  You might think that religion is a bunch of rules created by people to keep society under control. “All religions are alike,” you might say. But if you ask the Christian, we would tell …