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Why Every Christian Should Follow Back People on Twitter

Peter Guirguis Twitter 17 Comments

If you’re someone who likes to minister to people or likes to help others out, then there may be an opportunity right under your nose that you’re missing out on. If you enjoy being a blessing to others and pointing them back to God’s Word, then maybe you have a chance to reach a lot more people than you think. …

Is Your Christian Blog Missing This 1 Thing That’s Making You Lose Traffic?

Guest Blogger Online Evangelism 101 45 Comments

This is a guest post by Kurt Bennett.  You can lean more about Kurt at the end of this post. If you’re someone who’s trying to reach people for Christ on the internet, this post is for you. I’m on Twitter and recently tweeted the person who runs this website, Not Ashamed of the Gospel. From my perspective, this guy …