Penn Jillette thinks you should share the gospel

This is What Happens When an Atheist Thinks You Should Evangelize [video]

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Have you ever heard of Penn and Teller? They are two guys who have a famous magic show based out of Las Vegas. You may have seen them also on TV or on one of their YouTube videos, they are pretty popular. One of these guys, Penn Jillette, is a well-known and outspoken atheist. So what happens when a Christian …

From Suicide to Saint: How God Changed 1 Young Girl’s Life Forever

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I just showed this video testimony on Sunday to the High School kids at our church.  They totally loved it and so did I! I’d like to thank my friend, John Constitution for showing me this video testimony on YouTube.  It’s been added to the evangelism resources section of this blog. What’s the video about? It’s the testimony of Lacey Mosley, …

the debate between Christianity and evolution has been going on for decades

How I Got Attacked by an Atheist and What I Did to Get Even

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Have you ever been attacked by someone for no good reason? I don’t mean attacked physically but through a person’s words or through their tone of voice? When you do, you almost always end up getting your feelings hurt. Additionally if you’re not careful in the way that you react, you can end up in a heated argument that will …