Stephen Hawking wrong about Gods existence

Stephen Hawking Says There’s No God But Here’s Why He’s Wrong

Peter Guirguis Apologetics 412 Comments

Stephen Hawking, a world-renowned physicist, said recently in an interview that there is no God. (Source: CNET) Hawking didn’t say that he doesn’t believe in God, he said that there is no God. So when I read the article, naturally, I was upset. Why? Because there are so many people who are putting their trust in this man for truth, and …

the debate between Christianity and evolution has been going on for decades

How I Got Attacked by an Atheist and What I Did to Get Even

Peter Guirguis Online Evangelism 73 Comments

Have you ever been attacked by someone for no good reason? I don’t mean attacked physically but through a person’s words or through their tone of voice? When you do, you almost always end up getting your feelings hurt. Additionally if you’re not careful in the way that you react, you can end up in a heated argument that will …