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Need Help Sharing the Gospel? Try Using This Free Tutor

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Are you one of those people who didn’t like math in high school or college? Many of us didn’t really care for subjects like calculus or algebra because we found it to be hard or boring. I remember taking a calculus class when I was in college that made me want to shoot myself. I dreaded going to class because …

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How to Take Someone Through the Commandments When Witnessing to Them

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If you want to be effective when witnessing to others about Jesus, then this article can help you out tremendously. Before we get into this week’s insight, let’s first recap what we’ve learned so far: 1. It’s a scary thing to share you faith with others but you need to overcome your fear. 2. Some atheists think that you should …

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The One Invisible Thing That Helps You When Witnessing to Others

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(Note: there’s a video at the end of this blog post) You might not realize that every time that you go out evangelizing, you have something that’s invisible that can help you get your point across to the other person. This thing I’m referring to is often ignored not only because it’s something that you can’t see, touch, or smell, …

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The Missing Ingredient When it Comes to Sharing Your Faith

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Have you ever shared Jesus with someone and found yourself getting nowhere? You know, you bring up Adam and Eve, you talk about how sin came into this world, how Jesus died for people’s sins, and the person you were talking to just didn’t get it? Or has this ever happened to you: someone shared with you that they don’t …