From Suicide to Saint: How God Changed 1 Young Girl’s Life Forever

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I just showed this video testimony on Sunday to the High School kids at our church.  They totally loved it and so did I!

I’d like to thank my friend, John Constitution for showing me this video testimony on YouTube.  It’s been added to the evangelism resources section of this blog.

What’s the video about?

It’s the testimony of Lacey Mosley, lead singer of the band, Flatleaf.  She gives her testimony to thousands of people in her audience of how she came to Christ.

Her story is so amazing because at the age 16, she had become a completely depressed and despondent atheist. She was about to commit suicide but then something AMAZING happens!

How did she get to be an atheist at the age of 16? What was the amazing event that made her do a 180 degree turn around? Watch the video, you’ll be glad you did :-).

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A big part of this blog is to share media rich content with people in your social networks to point them to Christ.  So why don’t you pray and share this testimony on any of your social networks? You never know how God is going to use it.

What did you think of Lacey’s testimony?

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  1. That was a totally awesome testimony! I like Lacey to begin with as I knew she was a Believer and was witnessing to secular crowds.
    Her testimony is very moving actually, and I can see it as being very effective with young people. Lacey “gets it”, loved this video!!
    This is a great example of how God uses painful situations to reach us, and then uses the same situations through us to reach others and impact them for Christ.

    Thanks for sharing this Peter, this could be a great resource!!

    1. Thanks so much Greg for your feedback. Lots of people have been commenting that after they watched the testimony, they were really moved. I couldn’t help but be reminded that we serve an awesome God. Sometimes in all the busyness I tend to forget.

      Thanks Greg for your awesome comments as always 🙂

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