A Video That Causes Me to Have Goose Bumps Every Time I Watch It

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I first came across this video from the awesome folks at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association a few months ago.  After watching it over and over again, it still has the same chilling effect on me.

There’s a wonderful outreach event that’s coming up on August 26th.  It’s called Harvest America and it can change someones life forever if they don’t know God in a personal way.

You can learn more about this EPIC event in this blog post that I wrote last week.

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  1. Great video Peter, I thought this was rather moving. The looks on peoples faces, you could almost see the lumps some were trying to swallow. I hope people watch this, especially people who don’t know Jesus, or are thinking they might like to.

    Take the step today…don’t wait. This may your last day here, you just don’t know. My brother-in-law went out for a ride on his motorcycle some weeks back…he did not come home again, hit a tree and died. Commit yourself to Christ, He is waiting for you today. All of heaven will rejoice when you say YES! to Jesus.

    1. Post

      Yeah, I really loved this video too Greg!

      I’m so sorry to hear about your brother in law. I pray that the Holy Spirit would comfort your family during this time. I’ll be praying for your family bro.

    2. Thanks Greg for the encouragement, I totally loved this video too when I first saw it. It was so powerful and moving because we see the power of the Holy Spirit working in people’s lives.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. I’ll be keeping your sister-in-law and your entire family in prayer. My condolences to your family, may the God of peace surround you with comfort during this time.

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  3. Simple Gospel is carying the anointing that will draw people to Jesus. That’s what I like about Dr. Graham’s ministry. Thanks for great post!

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