How to Overcome the Problem of Being Preoccupied with Life

How to Overcome the Problem of Being Preoccupied with Life

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Many Christians today are preoccupied with life. Being preoccupied unfortunately can lead to regrets.

Here’s how to avoid falling for this trap. There’s a great video from the wonderful folks over at the Yes He Is blog called, “The Truth Has No Gray.”

From Suicide to Saint: How God Changed 1 Young Girl’s Life Forever

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I just showed this video testimony on Sunday to the High School kids at our church.  They totally loved it and so did I! I’d like to thank my friend, John Constitution for showing me this video testimony on YouTube.  It’s been added to the evangelism resources section of this blog. What’s the video about? It’s the testimony of Lacey Mosley, …

Want to Get People Back to Church? Show Them This Funny Video

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Update: For those of you who were wondering if this is an effective outreach tool, you can check out the results from the Back to Church folks  by clicking here. What a great way to invite people to church! Our pastor first shared this video on Facebook and after I saw it, I found myself cracking up :-). There are …

video testimonies are very powerful

3 Insanely Awesome Video Testimonies For You to Share on Your Social Networks

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If you’ve  decided that you want to start engaging in Internet evangelism, then you probably get just as excited as we do about sharing evangelistic videos on your social networks. These videos and articles are vital in planting seeds that can draw people one step closer to accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Do you want an easy way …